Iceblock Putter – it works: Golfers Love It

The story behind the ICEBLOCK-PUTTER is actually quite an odd one. It all started in Basel, Switzerland with a surgeon (let’s call him ‘The Professor’) who grew increasingly frustrated with all the available putters on the golf market. He was looking for a putter that was both really well designed and extremely precise – aesthetics based on a deep understanding of human biodynamics. As with his previous inventions – most notably one of the bestselling implantable hearing aids worldwide and several titanium nose implants – the Professor started experimenting and was not satisfied until there was a truly revolutionary solution at hand. The ICEBLOCK-PUTTER is the result of this journey.

The ICEBLOCK-PUTTER has been presented successfully at the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. Until today they have sold many ICEBLOCK-PUTTERS in Switzerland and Europe. Many golfers are very happy with it and have improved their putting game. Putting is all feel and trust. The Iceblock Putter will give you confidence: perfect alignment towards the hole and a huge sweetspot to hit your ball with perfect control. All you need to do is to trust your ICEBLOCK and swing the putter back and through in the required distance in a pendulum swing. It works! Golfers love it! Try the ICEBLOCK PUTTER 10 days for free! If you don’t feel comfortable with it, just send it back within 10 days, without any additional fee (return shipping must be paid by the customer) The ICEBLOCK-PUTTER features are: Transparent for perfect alignment Stand-alone Largest Soft-Spot Heavy putter head Balanced and symmetrical For right and left handed players Visit or order directly Please contact us for any further question. Best regards ICEBLOCK PUTTER TEAM.

ice block putter

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