HIGH HEAT from the Pope of Slope

HIGH HEAT from the Pope of Slope (Dean Knuth)

Dean Knuth

Dean Knuth

You might not have heard my name, but you probably have heard of the Slope System in golf handicapping.  I was the inventor of the USGA Course Rating and Slope Rating Systems and served 16 years on the USGA Staff as Senior Director of Handicapping and GHIN. During that time, I analyzed millions of rounds by amateur golfers and in the process confirmed the most important keys to having a lower handicap.  I also studied golf club technology and learned what types of golf clubs would enable amateur golfers to reduce their scores.

The Key To Amateur Golfers Achieving Lower Scores Is To Increase The Number Of Greens In Regulation (“GIRs”).

When golfers miss greens in regulation they often end up with bogies or worse.  Dr. Lou Riccio, a renowned researcher in the components of scoring, has confirmed this and shows a higher correlation between GIR and handicap than any other factor.

The Two Keys To Achieving More GIRs Are:

  1. Golfers achieve more GIRs when hitting from the fairway compared to hitting out of the rough with even less distance to the green.My design of the High Heat driver addresses the first key to more GIRs – increased  fairways for amateur golfers instead of designing it for maximum distance on center hits for Tour pros with 115+ mph swing speed. The 25% deeper and 18% lower center of gravity (“CG”)  in High Heat clubs reduces the twisting on off-center hits, thus increasing accuracy, leading to more fairways and more distance on off-center hits.

    I’m humbled that my Optimal CG Technology  was named “the most significant new technology of the year for amateur golfers” by Gary Van Sickle at Sports Illustrated and Golf.com and I was named “Top Innovator For Golf Clubs” by Golf, Inc. magazine because of it. Our High Heat driver has won several awards and named “best” driver at the PGA Show by several major media for the past 3 years. Also, we’re pleased that high-profile instructors have given rave reviews of our clubs. But most importantly, amateur golfers raved about how our driver increased their accuracy for more fairways, added distance, and lowered their scores.

  2. Consistent Distance From The Clubs You Use For Approach Shots.Having consistent distance for each club in your bag used for approach shots to the green is obviously essential. A major reason amateurs are unable to achieve this and fall short of the green approximately 50% or more of the time is that they do not hit on the “sweet spot” on a consistent basis.

    That is why almost all amateurs blame their swing for failing to reach their green on their approach shots. However, playing with major brand clubs is the ultimate reason why they are short of the green most of the time.  Why?

Because all major brands only have metal woods with steel faces. Steel faces have very low trampoline effect particularly outside the sweet spot for a loss of distance which is why amateurs’ approach shots are so often short of the green.

However, now amateurs can change that with our metal woods titanium faces for a much higher trampoline effect on hits outside the sweet spot for more greens. That is why our High Heat fairway woods and hybrids for the past two years  were named the “best” by major media again for amateur golfers and won industry awards too.

Most importantly, our titanium faces are a major reason why our customers reached more greens with our metal woods for lower scores without any change to their swing.

The USGA’s Recent CT Rule Change Provides Amateurs The Greatest Possibility To Consistently Obtain Maximum Distance On Approach Shots.

The new USGA Rule permits a conforming golf face to have a higher amount of time a golf ball can stay on the face (CT), but only outside the sweet spot or the center of the face. This increases the ball’s energy and ball speed for more distance on off-center hits, where amateurs need it most to reach more GIRs for lower scores.

The Result? Amateurs will obtain about the same distance even when they do not  hit the sweet spot of their fairway woods or hybrids  for more GIRs and lower scores without any swing change!

Impossible To Create? As a matter of physics, golf faces perform like trampolines. The highest spring-like effect has always occurred on or very near the middle of the face and always a lot less outside the sweet spot on any face.

It seemed impossible and no major brand offers a higher CT permitted by the new USGA Rule in any of their clubs. However, we figured it out with the novel idea of having 3 sweet spots in the face.

High Heat 257+ Is Still The Only Brand That Takes Advantage Of The New USGA CT Rule So That Amateurs Obtain About The Same Distance No Matter Where They Hit On The Face Of Our Fairway Woods And Hybrids For More GIRs And Lower Scores.

The comparison below of the CT values for major brands’ use of steel faces and variable thickness face technology compared to High Heat 257+ with titanium faces and 3-Trampoline face technology is instructive.

First, observe the very low CT values of major brands’ metal wood steel faces outside the sweet spot. Then you’ll fully understand why they are often the ultimate reason you are short of the green approximately 50% of the time.

Then compare the very low CT values of the major brands’ metal wood steel faces outside their sweet spot with High Heat 257+ very high CT values in those same two areas and you will fully understand why with our metal woods our customers are reaching more greens for lower scores without any change to their swing.

In addition, you will also understand why  Vic Williams, Editor of Golf Tip Magazine wrote “High Heat 257+ unique face construction puts big distance across the face, and amateurs should buy High Heat 257+.”


I invite you to visit us at our website www.HighHeatGolf.com and read:

  • Rave reviews by media, including Golf Tips Magazine which said, “amateurs will gain 20-30 yards on their driver off-center hits and all amateurs should buy High Heat 257+” and LINKS Magazine which wrote “based on their testing amateurs should buy High Heat 257+ drivers and metal woods that are the only brand that takes advantage of new USGA Rule for more distance and increased accuracy,” and teaching professionals including Kay McMahon, LPGA teacher of the year and Hall of Fame Teacher who wrote “the significance of High Heat 257+ new technology is a game changer and cannot be overstated. It made the best clubs for amateurs even better.”
  • Most importantly, rave reviews by amateur golfers just like yourself who with our award winning technologies hit more fairways and added distance with our driver and more greens in regulation with our metal woods for lower scores.
    We believe in our clubs and technologies so much we offer a 30-day guarantee.

All my best in golf,

Dean Knuth, the Pope of Slope

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