Golftek LLC Launches ProCheck Golf Ball Compression Measuring Device

Today’s golf ball covers look so good that even those tired old balls look like new. One summer in the trunk of your car can change compression dramatically. That new looking Pro V1 you found in the woods may have spent the winter under snow and frozen leaves changing compression. Recycled golf balls while quite affordable, are frequently sourced from water hazards and look new, but have lost compression.

No more guessing. Now you can test your golf ball’s compression with a sophisticated hand held device that will give you the confidence that the ball you are playing with is right for your swing and working at its best.

I had the opportunity to see the device work first hand at Lake Nona Country Club in January. I had just pulled a new Srixon Z-Star 5 ball from a sleeve to start my round when John from ProCheck stopped me and asked to check its compression. Having written about the Z-Star, I knew the compression. When he checked the ball, it matched. I then went to my bag for a few found balls, and sure enough, they ran the table on compressions, which he noted should have been a certain number. I now start every round with a new ball.

ProCheck uses solid-state circuitry with an eight bar hardness scale to quantify the compression of any golf ball. The ball hardness is displayed from very soft with 1 bar to 8 bars for very firm. Ball manufacturers measure compression with an elaborate, bulky and expensive laboratory device called an ATTI tester.

An average number is determined based on a sample of balls. There can be a significant difference from ball to ball, even box to box.

ProCheck is an affordable, easy to use device that brings ball compression technology right into the palm of your hand. Now golfers can conveniently test every golf ball in their bag and be certain the compression of the ball matches their swing speed.

“Golf ball compression is important to getting the maximum distance for every golfer,” said John Donahue, President of GolfTec, LLC. “Playing the wrong ball can reduce a golfer’s distance by 10-20%.”

Ball compression can change over time depending on storage conditions. Practicing or playing with old golf balls that have become too soft or hard can impact performance.

“As Tiger Woods noted when he switched golf ball manufacturers last year, the golf ball is an essential part of the equipment in your bag,” said Donahue. “Compression varies and compression matters. ProCheck allows you to get your golf ball properly fit and get the most distance for your swing speed.”

The ProCheck is the first product Golftek is bringing to the market and will be available in late spring. For more information visit or call 941-244-0186.

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