coLLo Apparel to Showcase Eco-Healthy Sunblocking Golf Shirts in Las Vegas

coLLo™ Apparel, makers of high performance, UPF 50+ sunblocking men’s golf shirts, announced today it will be exhibiting at the 2017 PGA Fashion & Demo Experience in Las Vegas, Nev. coLLo will display its complete line of sunblocking golf shirts, including its eco-healthy Spring and Hotline collections.

“We’re proud to not only offer high-end fashion golf shirts with built-in sunblocking technology, but also shirts that are environmentally friendly,” said Tom Hurst, coLLo founder, and president. “We’re pleased to showcase our Spring and Hotline collections, which include shirts made from our UPF 50+ recycled jersey. By combining recycled fabric with sun protection, we’ve created the first all-around “wellness shirt” that helps both the environment and the people wearing it.”

Each shirt in the coLLo Spring and Hotline collections is made from fabric containing 15 recycled plastic water bottles and is designed for maximum athletic performance and sun protection.

Every coLLo men’s golf shirt features a patent pending collar design that is extra high, especially around the back of the neck. This is a part of your body that receives some of the most intense exposure to the sun’s burning rays. In addition, the coLLo coLLar™ is structured with internal collar stays to assure that it does not collapse and get “floppy” while you play a round of golf, assuring maximum sun protection. At the same time, the soft, stretchable fabric used in every coLLo coLLar assures that your neck will stay cool, dry, and comfortable.

Featuring certified UPF 50+ sunblocking, moisture wicking, four-way coLLoStretch™ fabrics, coLLo is exclusively focused on making UV protection golf clothing. The coLLo men’s golf shirt line is available in five different collections:

  • The Cypress collection offers maximum athletic performance in a year-round dry fleck jersey fabric, available in athletic and relaxed fit models.
  • The Sawgrass collection utilizes coLLo’s luxurious double-dyed and lightly brushed fabric offered in a relaxed fit.
  • The Spring and Hotline collections are offered in an athletic fit and feature lightweight brushed fabric made from 15 environmentally friendly recycled plastic bottles.
  • The Newport collection offers a mid-weight and an athletic fit to help you play your best with our comfortable recycled fabric.

In addition to sunblocking shirts, coLLo offers hats with 50 UPF sun protection in fitted, and adjustable cap styles and a bucket hat style.

Skin cancer is the most common of all cancers. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, nearly 3.7 million cases skin cancer are diagnosed in this country each year and the risks to golfers are exceptionally high. Created to block 98 percent of the sun’s damaging UV rays, the design and fabric of the coLLo golf shirts can help players get the most from their game with unequaled sun protection and maximum comfort.

“My message to golfers is, DON’T GET BURNED,” added Hurst. “Proper clothing is your first line of protection against the sun’s burning rays. Prolonged exposure to bright sunlight and sun transmitted through cloud cover can result in sunburn and premature aging. Worse, the effects of the sun are cumulative and irreversible. Every hour of sun exposure, every sunburn, all adds up over time.”

Sold through golf pro shops and retailers, coLLo shirts can be embroidered with a custom golf club logo. A percent of proceeds will be donated to skin cancer research and prevention with every coLLo Apparel purchase. To find out more information about coLLo and its line of wellness shirts, please

About coLLo™

coLLo™, the Italian word for “collar”, is a golf apparel company exclusively offering a line of UPF 50+ sunblocking performance shirts that block 98 percent of the sun’s burning rays. Its products are UV certified by SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services Ltd., a highly-respected testing laboratory for ultraviolet protection textiles and feature a patent-pending protective collar. Every coLLo golf shirt protects you with our uniquely shaped, extra high collar and UPF 50+ fabric. The collar’s structured shape and removable stays help protect your neck all day long. And you’ll look sharp too. A percentage of every coLLo shirt sale will be donated to skin cancer research and prevention. To learn more, visit


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