Cobra’s King Vintage Putters

by | May 19, 2021 | PRO SHOP

The King Vintage Series is Cobra Golf’s second new putter line of the year and while it may lack the sexy 3D printed lattice of the King 3D Printed sister series, the high MOI Vintage shapes have many features making them attractive to a wide range of players.

Fast Facts King Vintage Putters

  • Four head shapes: one modern blade, one oversize mallet, two mallets
  • 304 stainless steel head
  • 6061 aluminum face insert SIK variable loft
  • User adjustable sole weights
  • Cobra Connect grip (Arccos)
  • Stock shaft: 120-gram KBS CT Tour Steel
  • Stock grip: 99-gram Lamkin Sinkfit Straight
  • $249 at retail June 4

The Vintage Series combines the SIK Descending Loft Technology face with four angles to ensure proper loft at impact regardless of an ascending or descending arc at impact plus the data-capturing Cobra Connect grip using the Arccos system. The Vintage shapes are classic, old favorites for most, and come with options allowing customization of weighting to the needs of individual golfers. Players looking for a putter with high resistance to twisting (MOI) for hits that are even slightly off center will be interested.


  • Modern blade shape, single aim line
  • 350-gram head weight
  • Plumber neck
  • 45° toe hang
  • Two 20-gram sole weights– optional 10, 15, 25-gram


  • Modern blade shape, single aim line
  • 350-gram head weight
  • Flow neck
  • 60° toe hang
  • Two 25-gram sole weights– optional 10, 15, and 20-gram


  • Medium size mallet head shape, three aim lines
  • 350-gram head weight
  • Single bend neck
  • Face balanced
  • Two 10-gram sole weights– optional 15, 20 and 25-gram


  • Fang shape mallet
  • 350-gram head weight
  • Single bend hosel face balanced or slant neck 40° toe hang
  • Single 10-gram sole weight–optional 15, 20, 25-gram


  • Oversize mallet
  • Single bend face balance or slant neck 40° toe hang
  • Single 10-gram sole weight– optional 15, 20, 25-gram

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