ORLANDO, Florida – Given all the various iron designs on the market coming up with one that’s unique is very difficult to do and rarely happens. In fact, it’s so rare when a one is introduced as with Cobra Golf ‘s KING Speedzone people pay attention.

Iron designers want a highly reactive face surrounded with a frame that provides both structural integrity and stability combined with forgiveness, the correct launch and the correct spin. Not easy to do and excess weight in the upper part of the head, i.e., above the center of the face and along the topline, is not desirable. The more mass placed high in the face the more compensation is required so the center of gravity is lower and closer to the sole.

This is especially important in the long and mid and SZ attacks this problem in the 4- through 7-iron by substituting carbon fiber for steel along and just below the topline. Because carbon fiber is very strong and 40% lighter than steel Cobra was able to push 3 grams of weight lower down in the head which helps to improve both ball speed and trajectory.

Tom Olsavsky, vice president of research and development for Cobra expressed it this way. “When designing irons, there is a delicate balance of delivering playability, feel and distance, and the SPEEDZONE in both traditional and ONE length make-ups provide all three attributes in spades. Our innovative SPEEDZONE has allowed us to maximize distance without giving up any feel or forgiveness.”

SZ have a wider body to enlarge the perimeter, lower the center of gravity and increase the resistance to twisting or MOI. Lofts are fairly strong because Cobra was able to find the proper combination of launch and spin for the best distance and control. And speaking of spin, grooves are CNC milled with a V-cross section, to reduce spin, in the 4-, 5- and 6-irons and U-cross section in the scoring clubs for maximum spin


  • Game improve cast steel
  • Carbon fiber in top rail and just below top rail
  • Slightly wider body
  • PWRSHELL face
  • 42.5° pitching wedge, 21° 5-iron
  • Co-molded cavity medallion
  • Cobra Connect Powered by Arccos
  • Variable length 4-PW or ONE Length 5-GW ($799) steel shafts
  • Available Jan. 17, 2020