Callaway ERC Soft for 2023

by | Feb 7, 2023 | PRO SHOP

Callaway Golf has announced a revamped version of the ERC Soft golf ball for next season, retaining the ionomer cover, which is now coated with urethane, while the core is a new softer formulation, and the familiar three-line alignment aid has been updated.

Callaway says the latest ERC Soft, according to their testing, is the longest ball in their lineup, an impressive stat for sure, but to that can be added, it has a urethane coating on the ionomer cover, which helps with control around the greens by producing added spin. The ionomer cover is called a hybrid since it is a blend of plastics, including an “impact modifier” that helps with both distance and overall performance.

Sharped-eyed users will also see the alignment lines have also been modified and now carry the “Triple Track Dagger Technology” moniker achieved, as you may have surmised, by making the ends of the three lines pointed rather than rounded.

The ERC Soft does offer an alternative to those wanting a multilayer ball without paying the price of a so-called premium tour ball, though, at $39.99, the 2023 version is $5.00 more than the one introduced two years ago.


Callaway second-generation ERC Soft golf ball with Triple Track

Callaway ERC Soft Fast Facts

  • Three-piece construction
  • Hybrid ionomer cover with urethane coating
  • Softer core
  • High-speed mantle
  • Triple alignment lines
  • White or yellow
  • Available Feb. 3, 2023 – $39.99 dozen


For more information, visit: Callaway Golf


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