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Breakthrough Stability Shaft on My Putter

Back in May, I introduced the Stability Shaft from Breakthrough Golf Technology, a new concept to replace the old standard steel shaft with a more stable and improved one that helps with controlling the new heavier putter heads from twisting and turning. The putter shaft is the most overlooked, underappreciated piece of equipment a golfer has. In fact, the strongest part of the putter shaft is under the hands where it does the least good, the weakest part is near the clubhead. We get fitted for irons and drivers and balls, but the most used club in the bag is ignored. The past two years we have had an onslaught of new grips for putters, but still the same shaft.

So I sent my T-Line putter to Breakthrough to install a new Stability Shaft, and when it returned, practiced on our putting surface and then played a few rounds at Stonegate Golf Club. The feel of the putter with the new shaft is more stable than with my old shaft. It delivered the putter face more squarely(less wobble) at impact for improved accuracy with a lower launch for a more predictable roll resulting in me getting better distance control. The Stability Shaft does not look like the normal steel putter shaft except at the putterhead. A few inches up the shaft an aluminum connector starts which attaches to a black graphite section.

If you have been playing golf for over 20 years you would remember the Adams Tight Lies fairway woods. The man behind that technology is the same one on Breakthrough Golf Technology, Barney Adams. After Taylor Made acquired Adams Golf in 2012, Barney retired. The past three years he has been working on Breakthrough and has had Tom Watson try the new shaft as well as Justin Rose most recently at the Zurich Classic. I interviewed Barney about 15 years ago. What I took from that interview is that Barney Adams knows his stuff and if he says it works, it does. In fact 90% of all the golfers who have tried the new shaft have had positive results.

The Breakthrough Stability Shaft retails for $199.99 and has a one year warranty. Contact to find a retailer near you.

Dave Daubert

David, Editor & Feature Writer, has been writing about golf since the turn of the century. He was Managing Editor at a regional golf magazine for 11 years, published in Canada, the IAGTO and a Staff Writer for The Georgia Golf Trail. His insightful perspective brings golf to life.

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