Ben Hogan Edge EX Irons

by | Apr 18, 2021 | PRO SHOP

Ben Hogan Golf’s newest game-improvement category iron, the Edge EX, has a large cavity back with a design that is forgiving and easy to hit.

Fast Facts Ben Hogan Edge EX irons

  • Game-improvement category
  • Cast cavity back with forged face and hosel
  • Wider V-Sole
  • Lofts: 5-iron 24°, pitching wedge 44°
  • Stock shafts: KBS Tour, True Temper Dynamic Gold, UST Recoil 760
  • Available for preorder only on, shipment early May
  • 7-Piece set (4-iron through pitching wedge) $800


The Edge EX irons are being added to Ben Hogan’s lineup with the goal of attracting a new segment of the golfing public; those who are non-competitive players and perhaps unsure of whether a company known for its forged, better-player irons has anything to offer them.

As with the company’s other products, sales are only through the website.

According to Scott White, the president and CEO, “Ben Hogan golf equipment has long been used by some of the best players in the world. Some golfers who play the game just for fun or few a few bucks in friendly games felt that our products weren’t for them.  We continue to try to educate golfers that forged clubs are not reserved for only the best players in the world.  In fact, quite the contrary.  Edge EX irons will offer average golfers the playability, forgiveness and feel that Ben Hogan once described as ‘… that blissful feeling that goes from your hands, up your arms, and into your heart.’”

Keeping in mind the needs of recreational golfers the cavity design helps push weight to the perimeter of the head and removes mass directly behind the face allowing weight to be relocated towards the sole and the heel. Also, Edge EX heads are slightly larger helping both off center impact forgiveness and launch trajectory.

Also assisting performance are the Ben Hogan V-Sole with lots of bounce on the leading edge and a “softer” bounce on the trailing edge which improves turf contact. Lofts are 2-degrees stronger than the Icon players-category iron model but maintain a 4-degree gapping through the set.

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