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by | Aug 22, 2020 | PRO SHOP

Why are Titlist, Callaway and Taylor Made promoting their golf balls during the pandemic? Because there is a ‘new sheriff in town’ and Vice Golf, a Munich, Germany golf ball manufacturer, is producing balls as good or better than the big boys and exposing the high cost of Pro V1, Chrome or TP5 should not be tolerated. The unprecedented rise of Vice is becoming more and more known among golfers-using its direct sales model to keep the cost line slim and offer players premium balls at significantly lower prices.

Golfers are benefitting from playing Vice premium golf balls that match their player profile and are now available in 2020 with five color variations. Vice has exceeded its own expectations in providing a golf ball for every golfer. International awards and customer feedback through social media channels have proven the Vice Golf stands for performance and reliability across the board.

In addition, Vice offers the most versatile free personalized printing options of any company–and golfers love it.  Gone are the days of different Sharpie colors being the only options for customization. Vice Golf will print anything on the golf ball for you. Go ahead and test it for yourself.

“Just under half of the golf balls we sell are customized with a logo print. Photos, birthday greetings, comics or sarcastic remarks–there are literally no limits to the creativity of the customers,” says Vice Golf founder and managing director Ingo Duellmann.

In three simple steps, the customer can go from selecting the ball model to uploading their masterpiece. The Vice Golf team helps to create the ideal individualized golf ball with over 100 images from their own archive and logo suggestions.

The Munich team is well aware that speed plays an enormously important role both in golf and delivery: printed Vice Golf balls arrive at the customer’s home in a week’s time. The technical equipment in the company’s own golf ball printing plant in Munich shows Vice Golf’s dedication to their own quality standards, ensuring durability and longevity of the logo print. It is up to the golfer to keep them in play. The golf balls are then finished using state-of-the-art digital printing processes.

Let’s review: Buy a golf ball with the same distance, spin and durability at half the price delivered to your home in a week from ordering with your own personalization. Make a mark on your game with a personal touch at

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