Andy Brumer

Andy has been writing about golf for the past 30-plus years and is the author of three golf books, including The Impact Zone: Mastering Golf’s Moment of Truth, which was co-authored with Bobby Clampett. Andy is also a professional golf teacher and an Authorized Instructor of The Golfing Machine.

The Real Arnold Palmer

During the first throes of my lifelong love affair with golf, Arnie was my idol, my first favorite, a hero to me then, and far more than a King. Arnie was God.  My dad had bought me an Arnold Palmer golf glove, its smooth, white cabretta leather emitting a pungent odor that I find impossible to name or compare with anything else. I would sleep wearing that multi-colored/umbrella-embroidered Arnold Palmer golf glove. One could say Arnie and the game of golf had an equal grip on me.