Florida Institute of Performance Expands to The Leadbetter Golf Academy

Florida Institute of Performance, a sports performance training center offering customized training programs for athletes, announces the addition of its new location: The Leadbetter Golf Academy World Headquarters, in ChampionsGate, Fla., just outside Orlando. Florida Institute of Performance, known for its highly-educated staff and science-based athletic development programs, now offers training sessions at its original Palm Beach Gardens facility as well as at the Omni® ChampionsGate Resort and golf facility at ChampionsGate Golf Resort.

“We are pleased to announce our second location, serving not only Florida athletes, but also those from around the country and the world who seek the finest training programs to support and enhance their goals,” said David Donatucci, M.Ed C.S.C.S., owner of Florida Institute of Performance. “We welcome golfers across the spectrum, from those with little physical training experience to those who seek to fine-tune and customize their workout plans and their next level of success – from first-time golfers to tour players.”

Florida Institute of Performance’s training programs are designed to get golfers moving better, playing longer and staying healthier. By identifying weaknesses and prescribing exercises to correct and strengthen them, creating swing consistency, the Institute has as its goal to increase strength, power, speed, stability and movement efficiency throughout a golfer’s swing while preventing injury. Florida Institute of Performance training programs are being incorporated into The David Leadbetter Golf Schools and Academies, including the new junior academy.

Those interested in scheduling an appointment at either location should call 561-252-6050, or visit FloridaInstituteofPerformance.com

About Florida Institute of Performance

Since its opening in September of 2012, Florida Institute of Performance has provided the highest quality training programs dedicated to improving each individual’s athletic ability and sport performance. With innovative and purpose-driven fitness programs and attention to detail, Florida Institute of Performance coaches customize each workout based on an athlete’s objectives and physical needs. They create training systems that incorporate exercises to correct or mitigate physical limitations while increasing power and strength. Nutritional counseling to optimize training, practice and game performance also is offered.

Florida Institute of Performance offers training programs for professional, collegiate and youth athletes, as well as for active adults. Programs are customized for each individual based on physical evaluation and individual goals.

Florida Institute of Performance coaches are highly educated with advanced degrees, certifications and specialized training, to offer state-of-the-art, customized fitness programs to athletes.

Predicated on the philosophy that performance enhancement is a marathon, not a sprint, Florida Institute of Performance believes in designing training programs that are progressive over time in order to increase muscle activation and efficiency of movement, offering athletes the ability to reach their full potential and goals.

For more information on Florida Institute of Performance, see floridainstituteofperformance.com.

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