ZENSAH-Compression Technology

zensahYou all have seen professional sports athletes using compression wear for some time now. Bikers, runners and sports enthusiasts have know about the advantage of good compression products enabling different parts of the body to function better. Recently I was introduced to Zensah, a company that is arms and legs above the rest in advanced athletic compression technology. They create innovative products that inspire every athlete to achieve their goals without limitations. Zensah’ s advanced compression products allow athletes to take their game to the next level. Golfers are athletes too. We all know about the strains and pains of trying to hit a little white ball with various clubs for 4 hours on all sorts of terrain. It is no wonder that we play poorly when the extremities are pushed to their limits. Ah, but now we can utilize a game improvement product that the R&A and USGA will not determine as non conforming.

Compression Wear by Zensah. What sets them apart:

  • Their proprietary Zensah fabric which is antimicrobial and moisture wicking with special mesh design at the strategic joints for ultimate breathability.
  • Pin point targeted compression to prevent muscle micro tears or tendonitis.
  • Unique Chevron ribbing for additional support.

If you can feel the pain they have the relief. Their complete selection of socks to sports bras and apparel are available now at www.ZENSAH.com. Improve your game and relieve the pain!

The Duffer

The Duffer is an unusual writer who has played many places and shots few golfers have ever experienced. His age old incite into the intracacies of golf courses gives him a unique knowledge of the game many can't visualize. The Duffer plays golf to enjoy life with friends and the beauty of his surroundings.

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