Wilson Staff Claims Gold Medals from 2015 Golf Digest Hot List

wilson staff

Wilson Golf Adds to its “Hot List’ Repertoire with Gold on its Duo, Duo Spin & FG Tour Urethane Balls

Chicago based Wilson Staff, the creator and industry leader in softer golf ball design and technology, has been awarded 3 Gold Medals in the Golf Digest Hot List. The recognitions encompass all three player and golf ball construction categories and represent Wilson Staff’s extended low compression platform.

Wilson Staff has been at the forefront of low compression technology since 1997, when it launched the Staff Titanium. The company has continued to revolutionize golf ball technology by using player insights and performance needs to redefine and reengineer its low compression golf ball offerings.

The new and improved Wilson Staff DUO represents the industry’s leading low compression technology at 29 compression. This year’s gold medal represents the second time the golf ball has been recognized. The two-piece ball is designed for the distance player who seeks less spin off the tee and soft feel around the green. The 2015 DUO is 25 % softer than its predecessor.

The DUO Spin is the sport’s softest multilayer ball. It’s 3 piece construction and 35 compression makes it longer and softer than any other ball in the category. Featuring similar distance and low compression components present in the DUO, the DUO Spin is designed for the control player who wants forgiveness off the tee and more control around the greens.

For the second year in a row, the FG Tour Urethane ball has claimed gold medal recognition. Designed for feel players, the FG Tour balls has a four piece construction with each layer designed for optimal performance. At 70 compression, the FG Tour Urethane is the world’s softest 4-peice tour ball.

Try them, you’ll love them.

Dave Daubert

Lehigh University graduate, Procter & Gamble retired. Previously a Managing Editor and Feature Writer for a regional golf monthly magazine for 11 years. Married to wife Carol and residing in Solivita, an active adult community in Central Florida

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