Wilson Brings New Technology to Golf Cart Bags

wilson staff

wilson staff nexus golf cart bag

Wilson Staff, building on the overwhelming recognition of the neXus carry bag, is proud to announce the launch of the neXus cart bag which will be available October 15th, 2014.

“The neXus carry was widely received by the marketplace,” commented Jean-Pierre Degembe, Product Line Manager-Golf Hard Good Accessories. “With a Golf Digest Hot List gold medal and MyGolfSpy’s 2014 Best Overall Carry Bag award, the neXus carry inspired us to create a cart version with a similar design approach, engineering it from the outside in.”

The new neXus cart features two heat-treated aluminum connectors that vertically extend up the sides of the bag and lock in at five attachment points. They serve as the external structure know as exo-frame technology, and protect the integrity of the bag. “These external connectors are lighter in mass than what makes up the interior construction of other cart bags,” explained Degembe. “Using
these as the foundation of support has decreased its overall weight to just five pounds. Meanwhile, their sight curve helps to provide a stronger, more rigid structure.”

The bag features a new top technology called S-Lock, consisting of 14 placeholders that ‘lock in’ single clubs near the hosel to prevent rattling on the cart or trolley. They uphold the beauty of club heads by keeping them stable, and their thermosplastic rubber makeup protects graphite shafts from blemishing.

Nine pockets, geometrically placed for easy access on the cart or trolley provide sufficient storage space for garments and accessories. Six stylish, gender-neutral offerings and one ladies’ offering-tailored to the height specifications of women’s clubs-measure up to the trendy expectations of the neXus franchise.

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