The Cabana

solair cabanaThe Cabana is the hat that changed my view on wide brimmed hats. Before I found the Cabana,   I had always worn a cap on the golf course. I never thought about the lack of sun protection the cap was able to provide. All of that changed in 2013 when I met Garth Watrous at the PGA show.  He took about five minutes to educate me on the benefits of wearing a wide brimmed hat -vs- a cap.  He put a Cabana on my head and I was sold! I  haven’t worn a cap on the golf course since.

The handmade,  all mesh Cabana is one of the most popular hats in the Sol Air line from Head’n Home Hats.   It is lightweight, durable, crushable and hand washable – what’s not to love about the Cabana? Made of nylon and polyester, it holds up to abuse and the shape complements anyone and everyone. The brim and top are laminated to block 80% of the sun’s rays, giving it a UPF  rating of 50+


  • Broad 2.5″ brim
  • All Mesh – The brim and top of the hat have a fabric laminated to the mesh, while the crown is an airy, open mesh to provide cooling airflow.
  • Hand Washable
  • Fixed sizes with soft inserts to adjust the fit to your exact size
  • Travel-friendly, crushable construction
  • Rated UPF 50+

Sun Protection

Rated at 50+ UPF, the Cabana will give you almost 100% protection from all of the harmful UV radiation beating down on you.

The Sun Protection is good, however, it could be better if the brim was larger. The two inch brim, which will give you adequate protection from the sun, is not as large as some of the competition’s three inch brims. One inch isn’t much,  but you’d be surprised at how much a difference that extra inch can make when it comes to providing sun protection to your eyes, face and neck.


This hat comes in standard sizes (small through extra extra large) and includes Perfect Fit Sizers that attach to the front or back of the hat to create a perfect fit for your head.

I choose an XL Hat and added a full size reducer, to the hat to get my perfect fit. When wearing the hat, it is completely comfortable, not too tight, not too loose, just right. I have never had an issue of this hat blowing off of my head during a round of golf.

As an added benefit, the sizers act as a sweatband and whisk away moisture from your forehead and also allow even more cooling air flow around your head. The sizers are easily removed for washing.


The Cabana is an all mesh hat making it one of the most breathable hats available. This hat is all about letting the air flow through the hat.

Wet the hat and the breeze that blows throw the hat will cool your head even more.


Made of nylon and polyester, the Cabana will hold up to virtually any kind of abuse.

On a recent trip to Laredo, Texas to experience playing at The Max A. Mandell Golf Course on the Rio Grande River, I folded my hat and put it inside my golf bag. I didn’t have much hope that the hat would come out looking good but was pleasantly surprised to find that the hat sprang back to its original shape, none the worse for the trip.

Lightweight, durable, crushable and hand washable, not much else you could ask for!


Bringing a little bit of western flair to the golf course, this hat looks good.


With a retail price of sixty-five dollars ($65), the Cabana is right in the middle of the hats we reviewed. We felt the Cabana was well worth worth the price.

In Closing

The Cabana is the hat the changed my view of wide brimmed hats, so it will always be one of my favorites. A comfortable hat priced right that meets all of the criteria to Beat the Heat. However, as with all products we are reviewing the most important factor is for you to find the hat that you will actually wear. After all,  the best hat in the world won’t help you if it’s in the closet. So find a hat you like and then wear it!

For more information about this hat and all of Head’n Home hand made hats check them out on the web:

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