Swing Tips You Should Forget

You can choose to believe that golf is a hopelessly complex and difficult game or a simple one. If you read most golf books, you will likely be confused after reading just a couple of pages and agree that it is a hopelessly complex game.

That’s the way it’s been, but like everything else, things are changing…I just found what I think is the simplest most easy to understand golf swing book I have ever read. The name might make you wonder, but it actually is the perfect name, Swing Tips You Should Forget. by Michael Jacobs (X Golf School) and Shaun Webb (David Toms Academy 265).

How many times have you heard “Keep your head down”, “same swing for every club” or “swing the club down the target line”. These and other tips discussed in the book are incomplete, outdated or just plain wrong. Don’t believe me? Get the book, spend an hour reading it and you will be asking for more.

The goal of the book isn’t to be contrary or controversial. The lessons and drills you will learn in each chapter are based on the latest bio-mechanics and golf instruction research available today. But, the most important part is, that it is presented in such a simple, easy to understand method, that it takes the complexity and confusion out of the picture. It’s just plain simple. If you are like me, as you read it, you’ll go wow, why hasn’t someone else explained it like that to me, this makes sense! I might not have the perfect swing, but at least now, I understand more of the mechanics to create a near-perfect swing.

Why You Should Read this Book

swing tips you should forget

Golf is not the same as it used to be, just take a look at today’s driver compared to the driver of 30 years ago, or for that matter 10 years ago. The equipment has changed and so has the knowledge of the biometrics of the swing. Michael and Shaun are considered two of the most technology advanced instructors in the world utilizing the most advanced equipment available today. Using the technology they have available, there is no room for guesswork, the facts and information they derive from analyzing your golf swing is supported by the data. There is no gray area, it is all black and white.

Swing Tips You Should Forget

Here are the Swing Tips you should forget, but you are going to have to read the book to understand why you should forget these tips and to understand what you shouldn’t forget. Each chapter contains an explanation of why that golf tip came about, a discussion of why it might not be a good tip and an explanation of what you should be trying to do and drills.

    1. Make the Same Swing for Every Club
    2. Lag it
    3. Pause at the Top
    4. Swing on Plane
    5. Keep the arms out of the Swing
    6. Don’t Flip the Wrists
    7. Swing Down the Line.

Backed by years of scientific research and thousands of hours of real-world lessons, Michael Jacobs and Shaun Webb — two of the game’s cutting edge teachers—will show you how to replace old-fashioned advice like freezing your wrists and taking your arms out of the swing with modern, dynamic guidance based on sound biomechanical science and proven on the PGA Tour.

I think you will find this book an easy read and full of useful information,

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About Michael Jacobs

For more than 15 years, Michael Jacobs has been helping players of all skill levels improve their games with a unique combination of teaching expertise, in-depth knowledge of swing mechanics and cutting-edge technology. His studio at Rock Hill Country Club, in Manorville, Long Island, is one of less than two dozen in the United States equipped with a GEARS 3D swing analysis system—a collection of high-speed cameras and markers first developed for the aerospace industry. You’ll be able to see exactly what your body and club do during the swing, and, with Michael’s help, quickly understand what you need to do to get better.

A proven track record of student success has earned Michael respect from his peers and a long list of long-term clients. He is the 2012 Metropolitan Section PGA Teacher of the Year, and is recognized on Golf Digest’s list of the best teachers in the state of New York. Michael has taught more than 1,000 fellow golf instructors and players on every major tour among the 20,000 lessons he’s given, and his articles have appeared in Golf Digest, Golf Magazine and the Met Golfer.

Michael is considered one of the foremost experts in the use of technology to teach the golf swing, and he has spoken at numerous regional and national teaching conferences on the subject—including the Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Retreat. He has also consulted with dozens of instructors to provide guidance on the construction and use of their 3D teaching studios.

A native Long Islander, Michael grew up in Suffolk County. He has been teaching at Rock Hill Country Club since 1998 —the last 15 years as the head professional. More than 20,000 students have attended one of his X Golf Schools —making it Long Island’s most successful program.

Read more about Michael Jacobs and the X Golf School on the web: www.xgolfschool.com

About Shaun Webb

Read more about Shaun Webb and the David Toms Academy 265: www.davidtoms265.com

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