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swing catalyst

swing catalystThe Swing Catalyst App is a great tool if you practice on your own and want instantaneous feedback. Until recently only Tour pros, including LPGA superstar Suzann Pettersen, had access to the app, but now it is available to everyone for free.

The App lets you record your swings, and allows you to choose if you want to do your own analysis or send your swing to an instructor or anybody else who has the app.

According to Tom Christian Lindvag, Marketing Manager at Swing Catalyst, “The Swing Catalyst App is a sophisticated game improvement tool that fits right into your pocket. You are now able to monitor your improvements over time and receive instant feedback from your coach. Learning is no longer constrained by time and place.”

The Swing Catalyst App is very easy to use with virtually no learning curve, but if you need help there is a complete video tutorial series available to walk you through the entire process. Additionally, there is a library of Pro Golfers for you to use to compare your swing against. The online tutorials even show you how to sync your swings with any other swing so you can compare frame by frame positions. It’s by far the easiest swing analysis app I have ever used.

With options for right or left handed golfers, face-on or down the line views, split screen for comparisons, drawing tools with shapes and colors the designers have thought of just about everything. They even included a time delayed start button which allows you to delay the video for a specified time to allow you to get into position before capturing your swing. This really is a full featured app.

Feature List

  • Capture swings in full HD
  • Playback in slow motion speed and frame-by-frame
  • Multiple drawing tools
  • Analyze videos frame by frame
  • Compare two videos
  • Synchronize two videos for a more effective evaluation
  • Download free tour swings
  • Share videos with other Swing Catalyst users and instructors
  • Upload to cloud storage for secure backup
  • Download and view Swing Catalyst video lessons
  • Sign up and log in with your Facebook profile

Swing Catalyst is a definite worthwhile App. It’s free, easy to use and has plenty of features. The ability to share your swing with anyone who has the app really sets this app apart from the others. Most other apps require that your instructor or coach have a higher priced Instructor version of the app to provide you with feedback. Swing Catalyst, however, allows anyone with the free app to analyze your swing and to draw right on your swing to show you faults and where you should or should not be moving.

Give the free Swing Catalyst App a try; I think you will be glad you did.

For further information on the app, visit http://www.swingcatalyst.com/swing-catalyst-app.

About Initial Force AS and Swing Catalyst

Initial Force AS is a Norwegian company that was established in 2006, with the goal of developing an easy-to-understand and simple-to-use motion analysis system for golf instruction. Previously this type of data was only available at high-end research facilities, Olympic training centers, and advanced university sports laboratories. The results of the endeavors led to the development of Swing Catalyst, a revolutionary new technological system for golf training that integrates the unique Swing Catalyst 3D Motion and Balance Plates, multiple high-speed cameras and the most-popular ball flight and club tracking devices.

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