Spotless Swing Golf Towel

If you are like most golfers that are still using an old household towel or a towel that you borrowed from a hotel or gym, it’s time to get a Spotless Swing Golf Towel. The Spotless Swing Golf Towel is the only golf towel that helps golfers keep themselves, their clubs, and club grooves clean.

spotless swing golf towelFirst off, let’s look at the design of the Spotless Swing. There is nothing about it that is towel-like in appearance. The best visual description is a Driver Head Cover look/design.

The guys at Spotless Swing will tell you the exterior is designed for you to clean your hands, face, golf glove and grips while the inside is used for cleaning your club-faces.

Cleaning your clubs couldn’t be easier.  Since the Spotless Swing resembles an over-sized head cover, all you have to do is slip your club inside and give it a quick wipe. Clubs come out clean and the mud, debris and any moisture stays inside the Spotless Sing and the outside stays clean for your hands and face.

The real magic in the Spotless Swing comes from the inside. First off, you will find a MicroBrush fabric that will effortlessly clean your clubs’ grooves. Then if that’s not enough magic, the inner portion is made of a durable microfiber fabric which absorbs over 600% of its weight in dirt, water, mud and grime and remains dry after repeated use.

In addition to cleaning your club faces,  the inside of The Spotless Swing is also great for:

  • Cleaning Your Golf Balls – Turn The Spotless Swing upside down and drop a ball in and it comes out clean. Much easier to use than some of those other ball cleaners on the market today, and why carry two cleaners when one will do it all!
  • Shoe Cleaner – If you’ve ever gotten mud on the top of your golf shoes, the sooner you get it off the better. The MicroBrush fabric will quickly wipe any mud or debris off of your shoes.

The more I use The Spotless Swing the more uses I find…

The Spotless Swing is designed to hang right-side-up when your golf bag is on a cart, with the club-cleaning opening facing down. Switching the included carabineer to the bottom of the towel allows you to hang it upside-down on your bag when you’re walking, so the opening faces up. Either Up or Down the Spotless Swing makes it easy for you to keep your clubs clean while making your way around the course or at the driving range.

With a retail price of $25 the Spotless Swing Golf Towel is an must have. For more information or to purchase, visit The Spotless Swing Golf Towel web site.

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