South Florida PGA Builds Home for Family

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More than a dozen members of the South Florida Section of the PGA of America gathered to raise the walls on a Habitat for Humanity home funded by the organization members and foundation. More than 50 PGA professionals have volunteered more than 2,000 hours to the project. In a unique partnership, members of the South Florida Section have been volunteering with Collier County Habitat throughout the home’s construction.

“We are very grateful to the South Florida PGA and the high-profile visibility that this partnership brings to Habitat for Humanity’s work in Collier County,” said Lisa Lefkow, Executive Vice President of Habitat Collier. The strong local golf community relies upon course maintenance workers, golf club kitchen staff , landscapers and housekeepers, many of whom are Habitat homeowners or seeking affordable housing opportunities for their families.” Lisa added, ” Working with the PGA is a natural fit.”

To realize the dream of providing a home for a hardworking family in need of decent and affordable housing, the South Florida PGA Foundation made a $50,000 donation to Habitat for Humanity. The generous donation funded the cost of construction materials to build the home. The wall raising in late May marked the group’s fourth Habitat home built in South Florida.

“Our ultimate goal is to build a home in every county in which the South Florida PGA operates,” says Tom Wildenhaus, Foundation President. Working side by side with the family who will eventually purchase the home with a no-interest mortgage, South Florida PGA members had the opportunity to see firsthand the impact their contribution will have on the life of a needy local family. Parents of two daughters, ages 2 &4, Dohannys and Alina, just want to provide a permanent home for the girls and themselves and stop hearing the recurring question “why do we have to leave” when their parents are forced to move due to rent rising on small sub-standard domiciles. Their dream will be realized due to the kindness and hard work of the PGA members and foundation.

“We are extremely excited about our latest achievement this summer, and what we have been able to accomplish the last four years,” said Tom Wildenhaus. ” Having the ability to make a large contribution in addition to getting our members involved in their communities to help others has been our goal since 2011.”

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