SkyPro Named MyGolfSpy 2015 Most Wanted Full Swing Analyzer


skypro swingSkyGolf®, maker of SkyCaddie® the most trusted Rangefinder in Golf, today announced that the SkyPro® Swing Analyzer has been named the MyGolfSpy 2015 Most Wanted Full Swing Analyzer.

The SkyPro is about the size of a flash drive and weighs less than one ounce. It attaches easily to the shaft of any golf club just below the grip, making it virtually undetectable. Thousands of critical data points about a golfer’s swing path, club head speed, swing plane, club face rotation, shaft angles and much more are instantly sent via Bluetooth to a FREE app on their smartphone to view their swing from address back to impact from any angle in true 3D high-definition.

According to MyGolfSpy, “As the one device that all of our testers put at the top of their list, the SkyPro is easy to attach and calibrate, and provides a substantial amount of actionable data. With a robust instructional set included, you’ll not only be able to analyze your swings, you’ll have the guidance you need to improve them.”

Powerful 3D inertial motion sensors in the SkyPro capture up to a hundred thousand data points from address to impact during the swing automatically. Playbacks of captured swings are displayed in vivid high-definition on a golfer’s smartphone. SkyPro features an ultra-high-speed capture rate of up to 3,200 samples per second, providing much more accurate swing data than typical video cameras capturing at 24-60 frames per second. Without pushing buttons or forcing a change in your pre-shot routine, SkyPro captures automatically such information as: club head speed, swing path, club rotation, face angle, swing plane, shaft lean, tempo and much more.

“SkyPro’s app is clean and intuitive, yet still offers enough options for you to choose how your data is displayed,” reported MyGolfSpy. “SkyPro’s signature feature is Groove Mode, which allows you to breakdown the swing into its individual pieces so you can tackle your faults one at time. The device knows when you change clubs and will requests re-calibration accordingly.”

sky golfWith SkyPro, golfers can work on their entire game from tee to green, learning to build good habits during every practice session. SkyPro offers multiple swing checkpoints and uses built-in alerts to help identify common faults at each checkpoint for club rotation, shaft angle and swing plane. Custom selectable goals and challenges measure progress making practice both fun and rewarding. Plus thousands of swings can be stored on a smartphone for more detailed analysis.

“SkyPro makes practice fun and rewarding by building a repeatable golf swing,” said Richard Edmonson, SkyGolf CEO. “We are pleased that MyGolfSpy recognizes that swing analyzers are part of a rapidly evolving category of golf training aids and we are happy to have been selected as the Most Wanted Full Swing Analyzer by an unbiased panel of golfers.”

SkyPro users have the option to upload their practice and play data to the SkyGolf 360 cloud service for storage, analysis and sharing with friends via the new SkyGolf 360 App and enjoy the benefits of being part of the fast-growing online community of passionate golfers via integration with popular social networks. SkyGolf also links its GPS devices, SkyTrak launch monitor/simulator, and GameTracker system to SkyGolf 360 creating a complete data resource for your game in the cloud. Golfers can use this data to improve their game and to share data across all of these devices with friends and instructors, making the SkyGolf 360 interactive platform the centerpiece of a consumer’s in-home golf practice and entertainment experience.

SkyPro has a suggested retail price of $169.95 and is available for use with an Apple iOS or Android app. For more information about SkyPro, visit

About Sky Golf

SkyGolf, maker of SkyCaddie, the #1-Rated and Most-Trusted Rangefinder in Golf, is a private company specializing in the development of innovative positioning systems and technology specifically designed to help golfers play better and have more fun. SkyCaddie is the Official Rangefinder of PGA of Canada, PGA of Great Britain & Ireland, and PGA of Sweden.

The overall mission of SkyGolf is to help golfers play better with better information while respecting the long-standing traditions of the game. By using technology responsibly and within the spirit and rules of golf, SkyGolf provides golfers of all skill levels with better and more rewarding golf experiences. The Company’s innovative products include: SkyCaddie®, rangefinders that are preloaded and ready-to-play out of the box; SkyPro®, golf’s most powerful swing/putting analyzer and training tool; SkyGolf 360, golf’s fastest growing online community where golfers can go to connect to their Game, their Courses, their Equipment, their Golf Professional and to one another; Swing Labs®, the golf industry’s first unbiased, performance-based fitting solution; SkyCourse™ Technologies, a company that equips golf course superintendents with tools they need to complete daily property management tasks with less effort, less time and less money, through a unique combination of precision GPS maps, web-based technologies and mobile mapping solutions; and the new SkyTrak™ Launch Monitor, the only company in the golf industry positioned to deliver game improvement solutions during practice, play, lessons and fitting at the course or at home. SkyGolf GameTracker the industry’s first fully integrated rangefinder and game tracking solution utilizing SkyGolf’s proprietary TruGround course library. For more information, visit:

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