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SENTIO Golf Introduces New Innovative Putters

This month at the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show, Sentio Golf will be debuting their Sierra 101 line of putters, featuring a patented construction shown to improve feel and accuracy.

sentio golf“As first time exhibitors, we are excited for the opportunity to talk about our innovative technology with industry professionals and retailers from all over the world under one roof,” says Jim Varney, President of Sentio Golf.

Sentio’s technology, called Dynamic Response, separates the entire steel face from the rest of the putter head with a vibration dampening polymer core. “This construction softens the feel of impact while keeping some of the pop, which we have found is critical for good distance control,” explains Varney. “And because the face is completely isolated by the core, we can provide a range of response levels simply by changing the durometer, or hardness of the polymer.”

The Sierra 101 is available in three models, each with a color coded core; green for soft, red for medium and blue for firm. Other benefits, such as perpendicular alignment, perimeter weight distribution, and off-center forgiveness are included through the Sierra 101’s unique construction.

Sentio, based in Acton, Massachusetts, verified their designs in accuracy tests against three popular blade putters from the biggest names in golf. “After analyzing hundreds of putts from 12 testers of different skill levels, we found the Sierra 101 was the most accurate: 8% closer to the hole on average than the CNC milled putter and 16% closer than the insert,” JIm explains. “This shows the Dynamic Response technology can make it easier to control distance, which leads to better accuracy and lower scores.”

The Sierra 101 line is currently available through the company’s website and includes 3 blade putter models: 101-60-Soft, 101-70-Medium and 101-90-Firm, to fit any player’s preference. All models retail for $249. Features include: 350g head weight, 3 degrees loft, 72 degrees lie, full offset plumber hosel, 4:00 toe hang, 304SS face and body, satin silver PVD finish and a PURE mid-size grip.

Sentio will be displaying in the New Product Zone and on the main floor at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida January 27-29. Check them out at, @SentioGolf, and

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