ScoreBand PULSE – Golf’s New Value Laser Rangefinder – Unveiled


Compact Laser Rangefinder Delivers Superior Quality at Consumer-Friendly Price

scoreband pulseScoreBand, a rising sports technology company, has unveiled its latest offering, the ScoreBand PULSE, golf’s most value-laden laser rangefinder. A compact rangefinder, the PULSE retails for $179.99, considerably widening the market for economic-minded consumers reluctant to take the leap for pricier laser rangefinders.

“With 400-yard range and pinpoint accuracy, the performance of the ScoreBand PULSE is equal to any rangefinder on the market, and it far exceeds the competition in the value it delivers,” said Jody Murdough, ScoreBand president. “The PULSE’s consumer-friendly price point is appealing, but what golfers should find most attractive is the quality of our product. The PULSE makes the game more fun. Instantly knowing precise distance to the target improves player confidence and ultimately helps improve pace of play.”

scoreband pulseAmong the lightweight rangefinder’s features are:

  • 400+ Yard Range
  • Accurate +/- 1 Yard
  • 6x Magnification
  • General Mode/Flag-Lock Mode/Scan Function
  • Dimensions: 4″ x 1.5″ x 2.7″
  • Weight: 7 ounces

The PULSE’s ease-of-use is a distinguishable attribute. Accurate yardage to a desired target is instantaneously provided with the simple push of the button.

The ScoreBand PULSE is available in leading golf retail stores, independent golf shops, club pro shops, and online.

For more information on the ScoreBand PULSE, or to purchase the product, visit

About ScoreBand

ScoreBand® is a patent-pending creation of One Seed, LLC, a Charleston, S.C. company specializing in innovative sports technology. Launched in May 2012, the original ScoreBand® watch was invented to help recreational athletes play more focused and have more fun. The award-winning ScoreBand product line includes the world’s first multi-sport scorekeeping wristband watches, as well as a laser rangefinder and a golf GPS watch. For more information about ScoreBand® please email [email protected] or call (888) 722-0444.

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