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Renegar Golf was founded in 1993 by veteran club designer Bob Renegar. Renegar’s background includes nearly 30 years in the golf industry (and scores of golf club designs) – having led Research & Devlopment for both the Palmer and Hogan companies and consulting for years with two of the largest OEMs in golf

The strategic focus at Renegar Golf Strategic is ONLY the short game. They are committed to the singular business strategy of “do one thing, and do it better than anyone else”. Their promise to you is to deliver the best performing, cutting edge new technology short game products with the highest quality manufacturing standards possible in the golf industry.

With nearly 30 years of experience in the Research and Development of golf club designs for major manufacturers – their product designs are not “garage tinkering” or “custom grinds” like you see elsewhere in the wedges product category. Their utility-patented and meticulously engineered wedge designs are the result of more than 20 years development through 6 generations of product concepts. They are proven with a history of issued patents, broad usage in professional golf (including many professional Tour wins), robot testing and launch monitor player testing, and growing consumer acceptance.

Playing the Renegar Rx-14

renegar golf rx-14When talking about golf clubs, most amateur golfers would rather talk about drivers and how far they can hit the ball. What they should be talking about is what club they use to get on the green from inside of 100 yards or from that greenside bunker.

How much better would your score be if you had the confidence that you could stick that 10 yard shot close to the pin, every time.

Get ready to get that kind of confidence and start lowering your scores.

After playing with a 56 degree Rx-14 wedge, I’m convinced that this is the one club in my bag that can make the most difference in helping me to lower my score. One stroke saved, leads to another and another.

The Rx-14 looks different than any other wedge I have played. You might even get a strange look or two when you pull it out of your bag. But after a couple of well placed shots, that strange look will turn into a can I use your club?

You can see in the picture that there is a slot or indention in the sole which gives the club a lowered leading edge.

Bob Renegar designed this slot and lower leading edge to provide multiple bounce surfaces which in turn makes the Rx-14 much more forgiving than the standard Sarazen wedge.  The end result is better play in downhill lies, tight lies, and the two bounce surfaces will allow for a larger margin of error on open-faced shots.

The wedge’s groove pattern is a proprietary pattern named “V-43 Double Milled,” which are USGA conforming grooves that are said to be the sharpest legal groove pattern with the maximum number of edges for ball contact.

All Renegar Golf Rx14 wedges come standard with either the KBS Wedge steel shaft or the Renegar DTS Tour Control graphite shaft – both developed specifically for wedge play, but they are better than conventional irons shafts on full swings too.  Both shaft choices (steel and graphite) are nearly identical in playing characteristics, weight, shaft flex, and design.  The steel-shafted Rx14 comes standard with the “dusty chrome” plated finish, and the graphite-shafted clubs are standard with a black SQ nitride finish.  All wedges come standard with Lamkin-Renegar EPDM wedges grip for better performance in delicate short game situations, where maximum feel and control are essential.

The Verdict

The Renegar Rx-14 does the job. I’ve never seem to have the touch or the control to hit a 1/2 swing with a Pitching Wedge for that 60-80 yard shot but with the Rx-14 I can take a more complete swing and get the ball up in the air and land it softly on the green. I’m sold, I’m ready to get a couple more of these wedges in different lofts. I think the Rx-14 is just what my game has been looking for.

Renegar Golf offers the Rx14 club head in eight different wedge lofts (all the even numbers from 48 to 60 degrees) with a choice of two different club head finishes and two specifically designed short game shafts to match perfectly the short game needs of every player. The Rx-14’s aren’t cheap, but as usual, you get what you pay for. So if you are ready to put a club or two in your bag that can start lowering your scores, give the Rx-14 a try and I think you will be glad you did, I know I am!

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