Quantum Putter

Quantum Putter

When speaking with Duane Engdahl, Master Designer and CEO of Quantum Golf Putter Company, he announced the release of what he calls his new roller, saying “Those in the know will prefer this new Quantum Putter because it is Custom Fitted and scientifically designed from its Tactile Grip to its Vectored Shaft to its Massive Head, to give Smooth Sure Stroke, Good Green Glide, and Perfect Impact and Precision Launch down the line.”

We all know the game of golf is played on the fairway, but won on the green. Every golfer strives to score better, or at least be the best they can be at the game. Nothing feels better than a long drive straight down the center of the fairway, but the difference between a good drive and a great one is just a matter of a few yards; and those yards can easily be made up by using a longer iron on the second shot. It is on the green where about half of the strokes on your score-card are made. When you consider this along with the fact that your putter is used about as often as all the rest of the clubs in your bag put together, you begin to realize just how important it is to have a superior performing putter.

When selecting a new golf putter, you need to consider seven evaluation factors plus fitting, and Quantum can help with all of that at their website, www.QuantumPutters.com. There they ‘put you in the know’ about putters so you can make an informed decision when it comes to selecting your next and hopefully your last golf putter.

Engdahl continued, “Until now, golfers have had to sue putters that undermined their putting performance, because nothing else was available.” But now a new putter that can be trusted to deliver the ball where you stroke it to go is available. You can get a superior putter that will enable you to be the best you can be on the greens. the Quantum Putter. The Quantum does everything to help your putting and nothing to hinder it. Visit www.QuantumPutters.com or call 602-904-3434.

Dave Daubert

Lehigh University graduate, Procter & Gamble retired. Previously a Managing Editor and Feature Writer for a regional golf monthly magazine for 11 years. Married to wife Carol and residing in Solivita, an active adult community in Central Florida

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