The Putting Stick

putting stick

The Putting Stick is a patented practice and training aid developed to help golfers of all levels improve their putting stroke. Made from the finest quality materials to exacting standards, this ingenious tool will transform both your game and attitude, forever.

putting stickThe Eye Alignment Mirror has been specially designed to be used with the Putting Stick; it has a slotted base plate, which slips on to the end of the Putting Stick allowing you to monitor your eye alignment throughout your practice sessions. You will see the eye down the center of the mirror right down the middle of the ball if you are lined up over your shot.

You will see your stroke accuracy at impact to within better than one degree of perfect squareness; putting even slightly open or closed-face will cause the golf ball to roll off the sides of the stick.

It has an adjustable back-swing stop to prevent too much back-swing, which can reduce accuracy. Demarcations on the stick show typical back-swing length for putts up to seven feet.

The Putting Stick has a loading ramp next to the starting divot to help you practice more putts in a shorter period of time. Simply place your foot next to the stick and use your putter to pull the ball up the ramp and into the divot.

Included with the Putting Stick is an instructional DVD containing detailed information on assembly, use, fault correction, as well as introductions to basic putting techniques and strategies.

The Putting Stick is 46 inches long, 1 inch wide, and is 3/8 inches thick.

Many PGA Tour players are currently using The Putting Stick®:

  • Sean O’Hair
  • Bo Van Pelt
  • John Kimball
  • Andrew Johnson
  • Scott Sterling
  • Mark Anderson
  • Brian Duncan
  • Jonathan Hodge
  • Skip Kendall

…and more added every day!

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