The new AVX from Titleist is the third generation of this soft feel, low spin, low trajectory alternative to their Pro V1 and Pro V1x balls with changes in the both the urethane cover and core.

Fast Facts Titleist AVX Golf Ball

  • Three-piece premium category ball
  • Cast urethane elastomer cover
  • Spherically tiled 348 catenary dimples
  • High flex mantle
  • New variable hardness core
  • White or yellow
  • At retail Feb. 4, 2022, $44.99 dozen


The AVX is Titleist’s soft feel alternative to the flagship Pro V1 and Pro V1x models and continues in that role with the lowest spin and trajectory characteristics of the three.

Retaining its three-piece construction, AVX for 2022 has a reformulated core that is firmer on the outside gradually becoming softer towards the center. In combination with a mantle that is has lots of flex at impact, driver spin is reduced for more distance. The cast urethane cover is engineered to give spin from short irons and control around the green. They cover also has seven sizes of dimples, so-called catenary tiling, to help produce a piercing lower trajectory.

“All components of a golf ball are connected when it comes to performance,” said Mike Madson, Director of Aerodynamics and Research Engineering, Titleist. “When we set out to increase distance and enhance greenside spin, we looked at every layer of the golf ball for improvements. New AVX includes improvements to the core formulation, cover and aerodynamics. The dimple pattern is an area of constant innovation.  We continuously design and test new dimple configurations so we can match an aerodynamic pattern specific to the golf ball construction. With AVX, the 348 catenary dimple pattern is optimized specifically for the low flight window of AVX to produce maximum distance.”