Perfect Pitch Golf Mat

perfect pitch golf matIf you are like most amateur golfers, your short game could use help. So, how do you get better? Practice! But who has the time to practice? Everyone is busy, and finding the time to stop at the range or course for practice doesn’t always fit into your schedule. So what are you to do? Try the The Perfect Pitch Mat a lightweight practice mat that rolls up and can be used just about anywhere, anytime.

If you want to have a great short game you’ve got to have a great setup. The Perfect Pitch Golf Mat will help you practice the right way by reinforcing the fundamentals of proper aim, foot position, ball position and distance from the ball.

It’s all about simplicity, to practice your chops shot, just set your feet on the red lines and the ball on the red markers and your in the perfect position. It is that easy. By making it simple, it encourages you to use it more, and the more you use it the better your short game will get.

So, if you are ready to shave 4-5 strokes off your score, The Perfect Pitch Golf Mat might be just the ticket. I’ve been using my mat for a couple of weeks now, and it has helped me save some stokes, and given me some added confidence on those short shots around the green.

For more information and to buy your own Perfect Pitch Mat, go to their web site at:

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