The OontZ Angle Plus

INTRODUCING THE OontZ Angle Plus by Cambridge SoundWorks

Better Sound, Plus Better Volume, Plus Better Bass, Plus a Better Feature Set at an absolutely Incredible Online Price”

SAN FRANCISCO – January 1st, 2015 –The OontZ Team at Cambridge SoundWorks, makers of the Ultra-Portable Wireless Bluetooth speakers the OontZ, OontZ Curve, OontZ Angle, and OontZ XL (the #1 best-selling Bluetooth speakers on announce their most revolutionary product yet; the OontZ Angle Plus. The OontZ Angle Plus Portable Wireless Bluetooth speaker is Ultra lite weight (only 11 ounces), has no sharp corners, has an extremely soft touch and is small enough to bring with you anywhere you go (Length 6.1 inches / Height 2.9 inches). The Plus is ideal for both outdoor and indoor midsize gatherings, making it possible to fill even large rooms with amazing high quality sound. The OontZ Angle Plus offers an extremely compelling feature set which includes an integrated microphone
for wireless hands free speakerphone, IPX5 splashproof /dust proof certification, an astonishing 20 hours of battery life and a passive radiator for extra deep rich bass. The OontZ Angle Plus has a market disrupting introductory price of only $49.99, far less than the price of the competition.

Similar to the Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle, Amazons #1 best-selling Bluetooth speaker, the OontZ Angle Plus connects wirelessly to any Bluetooth® enabled device so you can play your music, movies and games from your smartphones, tablets or PCs.

“We designed the OontZ Angle Plus to deliver the high quality sound and volume with rich bass that Cambridge SoundWorks is known for; and we engineered it to be surprisingly lightweight given its powerful output and with a comfortable feel so you want to take it with you” said Craig McHugh, President & CEO of Cambridge SoundWorks. Competitive products to the OontZ Angle Plus such as the SoundLink mini, the JBL Charger and Jambox offer, offer a standard feature set with ok sound and volume and sell outrageous prices up to $200.00. It is rare to see a technology product that is compared to competitive products costing up to three times as much but that is what you get with the OontZ Angle Plus. We sell factory direct and our customers can purchase the OontZ Angle Plus only from and, we do not have to inflate the price of our speakers to cover the retailer’s margin requirements and we pass these savings directly to our customers. With quality sound and powerful output combined with a mass market price the OontZ Angle Plus will change the way people listen to music with their friends when they are at home, at the beach, in the backyard and everywhere they go.

Pricing & Availability

The OontZ Angle Plus is available in the US December 15th 2014 for an introductory factory direct sale price of $49.99 USD. It is available from and

The OontZ Angle PLUS – Overview

In designing the OontZ Angle PLUS we started with our #1 best-selling speaker in Cambridge SoundWorks history, the OontZ Angle, and set out to add additional features to develop a PLUS edition. We engineered neodymium precision drivers that provide exceptional highs and a clear mid-range. We added a passive Bass radiator that provides extra Bass output. The OontZ Angle PLUS delivers surprising bass output for a speaker of this size. The bass output is strong enough that when bass heavy music is played, the OontZ Angle PLUS may move around. We include an OontZ Bass Pad which you can set the OontZ Angle PLUS upon, to help keep the speaker in place, even when the music is full of bass. We increased the volume output so it will play about 20% louder than the maximum volume of the OontZ Angle, the volume will surprise you. We engineered the OontZ Angle PLUS to be splash-proof and dustproof, with IPX5 certification for  water resistance.

Style and Portability PLUS great battery playtime

The OontZ Angle PLUS maintains the sleek angular style of the OontZ Angle, but takes the design a step beyond. Now with the addition of a silicon rubber trim on the edges that looks amazing, and makes it even more comfortable to carry with you. We increased the size of the OontZ Angle PLUS slightly to accommodate the addition of a passive radiator and an even larger battery. The lithium ion battery now gives you up to 15 hours* of playtime making it perfect for a few days of golf or a weekend away. The OontZ Angle PLUS can charge from your laptop or computer using the included micro USB cable, it will be fully charged in three to four hours. You can also charge the OontZ Angle PLUS using a USB power adapter used for your smartphone or tablet. The speaker is just over 6 inches long and 2.8 inches wide, it takes up little space, being able to fit into small areas when packing gets tight. Also when travelling light becomes important, the OontZ Angle PLUS only weighs 11.2 ounces. The small size, light weight, comfortable design and excellent battery playtime makes it the ideal travel companion on those trips out to your perfect holiday destination.

Listen to your music wirelessly

The OontZ Angle PLUS connects and plays wirelessly over Bluetooth, to your iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5, iPod touch, Samsung Galaxy 5, Samsung Note 4 and most other smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, and the latest laptops. You can connect and play wirelessly over Bluetooth up to 30 unobstructed feet away from your device. You can also listen to your non-Bluetooth devices and computers simply by using the included 3.5mm audio cable connected to the speaker from the headphone jack on your device.

Easy to use

The OontZ Angle PLUS automatically goes into Bluetooth pairing mode when you turn on the speaker and it is ready to connect to your smartphone or tablet. On the bottom of the speaker you will find easy pairing and connectinginstructions for quick use straight out the box. The speaker has buttons along the top that you can press to; adjust the volume; pause/and resume playing your music, connect to a different Bluetooth device and answer or reject incoming phone calls.

Personal hands-free speaker phone

When the OontZ Angle PLUS is connected over Bluetooth to your smartphone, the built in microphone will allow you to use the OontZ Angle PLUS as a personal hands-free speaker phone. You can answer or reject incoming phone calls by pressing the phone button on the speaker, or from your phone.

IPX5 Certified

The IPX5 certification assures that the OontZ Angle PLUS is splash proof and dust proof. This will help protect the OontZ Angle PLUS when used by the pool or if you decide to take it with you to the beach. While it is splash proof, it cannot withstand being placed in, or fully submerged
in water.

Incredible on-line price

The OontZ Angle PLUS provides better sound, better volume and is only a fraction of the price of the competition.

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