Oakley Quarter Jackets

“Out of all the eye injuries treated in the ER 43 percent are to children aged 14 and younger. With youth sports leagues and camps getting under way for the summer now is the perfect time to get the proper protective eyewear for your kids. Most people do not know this, but you can actually get a sunburn on your eyes. Eye and vision damage caused by exposure to the sun’s harmful rays is cumulative over time and may not always be apparent up front. Protect your children’s sight on the green this summer with Oakley’s all-new Quarter Jacket line.

The introduction of the Quarter Jacket, Oakley’s first-ever youth specific eyewear, is a commitment to reducing eye injuries and damage among young athletes. The new youth eyewear line is specifically designed to properly fit smaller faces, while providing the best protection available. The Quarter Jackets reduce glare from light, have nearly shatter-proof lenses and have a shock-absorbing frame that helps significantly reduce the risk of eye injuries.

The Quarter Jackets are currently available in 6 different frame colors and can be made with various, interchangeable lens styles including the G30 Iridium lens, a great choice for golfers. Stop by the Oakley store at the Florida Mall or at the Orlando International Airport, and let an Oakley expert help you and your kids design their own personal pair of Quarter Jacket sunglasses.”



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