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NIKE launches RZN Tour Ball

Rock Ishii, Nike’s Senior Director of Innovation for Golf Balls, and his team of engineers are constantly looking into the future to find ways to change the ball so it performs better. Since launching its first ball in 1999, Nike Golf has found ways to break the traditional molds and discover new construction methods and materials to give the golf athlete the best possibly tool to succeed at the highest level. These include scientific investigation-in physics and aerodynamics-and material explorations for each layer in the ball.

In 2000 Nike created one of the first solid core golf balls, Tour Accuracy, which helped Tiger Woods win more than 20 tournaments, including four consecutive major championships. In 2011, the first RZN core was introduced, the Nike 20XI, going against conventional methods by using a new lighter and faster core allowing weight to be moved to the perimeter for better stability.

Nike Golf’s latest advancement in the RZN Tour ball, engineered to feel soft without sacrificing distance. RZN Tour featuring a 4 peice urethane cover design and utilizes four key components: RZN 4.0 Speedlock X Core. Speedlock Mantle and Flight Suit Cover. These combined technologies help propel the RZN Tour/Black and RZN Tour/Platinum balls to added yardage and a softer feel versus the previous RZNs.

“The ball feels much softer, yet I’ve maintained my ball speed and even picked up a few yards overall,” said Nike Golf athlete Rory McIlroy. “It is easily the best combination of distance and feel I’ve ever played.”

Made with the newest iteration of RZN material, RZN 4.0, the blue center core is not only softer but also 10% bigger than the previous generation. This gives the ball what amounts to a bigger engine, thus unlocking faster ball speeds.

The core utilizes Speedlock X technology. The core of the RZN Tour ball features deeper groves and a X-shaped surface pattern which creates 26 % more surface area than the former RZN to allow better energy transfer through the ball and ultimately provides more distance and faster ball speeds. Surrounding the core, the Speedlock Mantle and its Speedlock grooves help engage the cover of the golf ball for greater spin on shorter shots with high-lofted clubs.

The ball’s Flight Suit cover features visible technology: 344 dimples and 13,558 micro-dimples. To achieve longer ball flight, engineers utilized advanced aerodynamics by adding the micro dimples, strategically spread across the cover of the ball, which help facilitate improved lift and drag properties especially at the end of the ball flight.

The RZN Tour ball will be available in two versions; Black for lower-spin distance and Platinum for mid-spin control.

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