NexBelt – The Ratcheting Belt

nexbeltNo one ever thinks much about their belt until they forget to put one on and your pants slide down to your knees. That may be a so called fashion statement by some, but not on the golf course.

Belts have always been something that you needed but never put much thought into. It was usually grab the black or brown one and go. But that has all changed drastically with the revolution of the golf fashion industry and now Nexbelt has reinvented the belt. The Nexbelt has no holes and a unique buckle. With most buckles, you pull the belt through the buckle and poke the pin through the hole to lock the belt in place. Nexbelt changed that. You push the belt through the buckle and a ratcheting system underneath the belt clicks every quarter of an inch allowing you a more precise fit. When you are ready to take the belt off (or loosen it),  push the quick release button and the ratchet releases allowing you to back the belt up and out of the buckle.

 The advantages of this PreciseFit Ratcheting System:

  • Belt/Holes won’t stretch.
  • Holes allowed for one inch adjustments to belt, ratchet system adjusts every quarter of an inch.
  • No wear marks on belt – belt looks as good after wearing for months as it did right out of the box. In other words, people can’t tell if you have had to make the belt bigger to fit now or not.
  • One Size fits almost all – NexBelt comes in a standard fifty inch length. Simply trim the belt to the size you need, attach the buckle and you are good to go.

The golf series has six categories – Go-In!, Colour, X-Factor, Gem, Sleek and Heritage – with multiple styles within each categories.

The patented technology on each of the golf series belts has a ball marker hidden in the belt buckle. The buckle also is interchangeable.

Go-In!, Colour and X-Factor categories are for men, while the Gem and Sleek are made for women. The Heritage collection is for both. Belts fit to size 50. Cost: $49.99 to $59.99




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