Le Graal – The Master of the Greens

In its quest for the ultimate putt, Argolf continues to let you live the legend with its new putter, sculpted from titanium.

Le Graal, inspired by the “Arthurian” legend, is a half-moon shaped mallet. Aimed at golfers who seek perfection and ideal for those who are passionate about golf, it offers a revolutionary feel thanks to its finely sculpted side. As a metronome, the Graal’s sound sets the tone for a precise and steady putt. Its innovative design affords it a high “MOI” (Moment of Inertia), so as to stabilize the putter’s head during swings and thus ensure even putts. Golfers who seek new sensations will instantly adopt this unique object, sculpted entirely from titanium, a cutting-edge material that is noble and resistant, and used in aeronautics. Le Graal completes the “Brocéliande” collection; it combines inspiration from the aviation industry with ARGOLF’s expertise and know-how. Everything has been carefully designed, from its technical aspects to its aesthetics: the line of shot represents a target, the havana-colored leather “aviation” grip is hand-stitched and produced in France. An assorted head cover, with a magnetic clasp, facilitates storage and ensures protection. You can choose from numerous options to customize your Graal: an engraving of your choice on the head of the putter and/or on the grip, or the creation of a wooden case, to give as a gift to others or to oneself.

For more information: www.argolf.fr

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