KBS 560 580 Series


KBS 560  580 Series – Player Driven; Tour Proven

Striving and innovating to fit the needs of golfers ranging in all ages, KBS has changed the direction and progression of younger developing junior players and their needs. Enter the KBS 560 and 580 Series. The KBS 560 and 580 are the shaft options for amateur golfers that want to be ahead on the course in technology and play-ability.

Finally, the first golf shaft on the market developed specifically for a Junior Developing player in mind. Both shaft weights consisting of up to one full club length longer in distance and consistency, as well as generating optimum spin with a more consistent, controlled ball flight and club efficiency.

Utilizing feedback from the Master Club Fitters around the world, and Kim Braly personally conducting extensive rounds of testing and fitting with developing players of all skill levels, have resulted in the creation of the KBS 560 and 580 Series. KBS shafts maximize energy transfer to ensure a smooth, stronger feel through impact and are proven to produce a more piercing trajectory, tighter dispersion and increased ball control, now in the hands of a younger generation.

About KBS Golf Shafts

KBS is the fastest growing and most innovative steel shaft brand in the industry. Since its release in 2008, over 150 professionals across the PGA, European, and Web.com Tours trust KBS shafts. That number is highlighted by 10 of Top 50 players in Official World Rankings. KBS shafts incorporate unique and advanced shaft designs to provide golfers maximum feel and performance. Headquartered in Boulder, Colo., KBS is manufactured in partnership with FEMCO Steel Technology (FST). Introduced in 2008, the KBS product line focuses on five shaft models: KBS TOUR, KBS TOUR-V, KBS TOUR 90, KBS C-TAPER and KBS C-TAPER LITE. Products are available through all major golf club manufacturers through stock or custom options. KBS has a vast network of dealers, both online and in-person, who provide custom fitting, ordering, and building.

For more info: http://kbsgolfshafts.com/


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