HIRZL Staffer David Brinker Wins United States Senior Long Drive Championship


HIRZL Staffer David Brinker Wins United States Senior Long Drive Championship Masters Division

HIRZL, the #1 Golf Glove in Long Drive and the leading specialist for high performance golf gloves, proudly announces its HIRZL professional golf staff member David Brinker added another victory to his list of wins – the 2015 United States Senior Long Drive Championship.

This boundless golf tournament was held on June 20th and June 21st at the Red Tail Driving Range in Decantur, IL. David Brinker competed in the Masters Division which is for people of 65 and older. He competed against a field of seven highly qualified long drive specialists. Brinker’s winning drive was 306-yards which is impressive as the ground was saturated from rain reducing the ball roll significantly and the winds were gusting at 10 to 15 MPH.

“We congratulate David for this remarkable achievement. His dedication to the sport of long drive combined with his intensive training efforts have led him to this victory which is impressive. HIRZL is proud to be associated with his win,” said Steve Gray, HIRZL Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Brinker has won multiple titles including; 2005 Senior International Long Drive Championship, 2012 Re/Max World Long Drive Championship (Legends 60+) and now, the 2015 United States Long Drive Championship (Masters 65+). He has also been a 10-time Re/Max Long Drive Finalist.

“As a veteran on the “Long Drive Tour,” David understands the importance of the grip and how it effects his accuracy as well as distance. Slight slippage during the golf swing can equate to a loss of yards and a title. For his best performance, he uses the new HIRZL Control Golf Glove,” added Gray.

The new HIRZL Control Golf Glove has been redeveloped in several specific areas which help LDA Professionals like David Brinker as well as all golfers perform better. For starters, HIRZL research data proves that the during the golf swing the pressure on the index finger, known as the “trigger” finger, increases as it helps drive the club down toward the ball. Therefore the HIRZL engineering team manufactured the index finger on the new Trust Control Glove with Kangaroo Leather which is typically used on the palm section of HIRZL golf gloves. This new feature enhances the golf grip as well as its durability.

Another key change is the stitching on the thumb. Ergonomic mechanics data shows that the thumb undergoes some motion during the backswing so the improved Trust Control Golf Glove now features a double stitched thumb for increased endurance.

For optimum performance and reduction of overall glove movement and slippage, the improved Trust Control now features a performance fit which virtually feels like a second layer of skin instead of a golf glove. This new silhouette which combines cabretta leather with air mesh technology, rivals golf gloves manufactured by the large and mass golf glove companies.

The redeveloped Trust Control golf glove features a structured palm section made of Kangaroo leather trademarked as GRIPPP™ Technology. The name is a reference that exemplifies how the technology maximizes the grip and in all weather conditions. In addition, this significant aspect on the Trust Control golf glove provides a 100% “Sweat Free” palm.

About United States Senior Long Drive Championship:

The (USSLDC) was created in 2014 by Sam Turner, a long drive professional himself, who has competed for years in the Re/Max World Long Drive Championships. This event was
created for senior’s 45-years and older. There are six respective divisions broken down by age. Some of the best long drivers in history compete in this event. The Championships are open to all seniors wishing to compete. For more information visit the association website at www.seniorlongdrivers.com.

About HIRZL:

HIRZL, headquartered in Switzerland, with North American operations based in Granbury, TX, is a leading specialist for high performance sports gloves. HIRZL’s focus is solely on gloves with products specifically designed for golf and cycling, which is in contrast to many sports manufacturers with wide ranges of products spanning equipment, shoes and fashion. HIRZL’s gloves are designed with the latest scientific, technical and ergonomic mechanics data on how sports equipment is used on the hands. The company philosophy is based upon the firm belief that gloves are an essential part of the equipment for many types of sports. When gloves are used in sports, they become the only true link between the hands of the sportsperson and their equipment.

HIRZL Gloves Manufactured for the “Ultimate Glove Experience:”

HIRZL manufactures their high performance gloves with only the finest genuine leather, natural kangaroo or cabretta leather which has been additionally tanned with a propriety technology. The leather is individually stretched by hand and table cut, effectively ensuring the direction of stretch is controlled in each piece. For ventilation comfort a membrane directs the airflow and breathability characteristics to create a micro-environment for the skin to breathe more easily. The stretch fit feature provides a strategically based perfect fit and wearing comfort. All HIRZL gloves are constructed with a 45-degree “Pre-curved finger system” in consideration to the natural curvature of the hand and to avoid bunching effects and guarantee a perfect fit. For addition comfort, a sweat band made with terry towel absorbs sweat and water at the wrist area which also has a warming effect when temperatures are low.

HIRZL Tour Support:

HIRZL gloves deliver the “Ultimate Glove Experience” and golfers who teach or play professionally rely on the characteristics these high performance gloves produce including legendary teaching professional Dave Pelz. He endorses HIRZL and provides HIRZL gloves at The Dave Pelz Scoring Game Schools. Golfers who compete for distance on the Long Drive of America Tour have elevated HIRZL to the #1 Golf Glove in Long Drive. The company and its high performance gloves have won 10 RE/MAX World Championships in the past three years and in seven divisions.

The HIRZL Professional Staff list is as follows: Bobby Peterson, Bobby Wilson, Chris Ahman, Dan Awe, David Brinker, Dustin Merrill, Eric Lunt, Graden Kirksey, Heather LeMaster, James East, Jeff Crittenden, Jeffrey Z. Williams, Kyle Blakely, Liebelei E. Lawrence, Line Vedel, Lynn Ray, Natalie Sheary, Rob Tiettmayer, Sandra Carlbora, Tim Burke, and Tom Garber.

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