HIRZL Announces its Springtime Promotions Surround the 2015 Masters Tournament


HIRZL, the #1 Golf Glove in Long Drive and the leading specialist for high performance golf gloves, has developed a variety of springtime promotions that range from its newly established partnership with Teeoff.com to a social media promotion as well as E-commerce give-away with LINKS Magazine, all scheduled to launch around the highly anticipated, first major of the year – the 2015 Masters Tournament.

“The Masters Tournament marks a very special time of year. It reveals the beginning of spring to millions of viewers around the world with Augusta’s sublime scenery but for golfers it means the beginning of the new golf season. We at HIRZL believe this is an ideal time to introduce the new Trust Control Golf Glove through promotions perfectly timed around this coveted major,” commented Steve Gray, HIRZL Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Prior to the Masters, HIRZL will broadcast its introduction of the newly redesigned Trust Control Golf Glove to almost a million golfers with the support of Teeoff.com, a company operated by EZLinks, the world’s largest golf reservations network as well as the industry’s highest-volume tee time call center.

hirzl“This first line of communication with Teeoff.com launches our ‘springtime’ promotions. Their far reaching audience is the perfect platform to introduce the new Trust Control Glove to the masses,” added Gray.

To grow HIRZL’s social media base, the company has added a Facebook give-away to their springtime promotions. To win a year’s worth of HIRZL gloves, (Six gloves in any size and model) people must visit the HIRZL Facebook page at www.facebbook.com/HIRZLUSA.com and guess who the winner of the 2015 Masters Tournament will be and what his final score will be. If more than one person wins, a random drawing will be held. Get your pick in soon as the deadline is Thursday, April 9th at 6:00am (EDT).

“We feel like this give-away is a fun way to increase HIRZL’s Facebook ‘likes’ and at the same time expose the HIRZL brand to people who might not be familiar with our high performance gloves,” added Gray.

To generate product awareness and increase E-commerce sales, people who purchase the new Trust Control Golf Glove during Masters Week at www.HIRZL.com will receive a free subscription to the award winning, lifestyle magazine – LINKS Magazine. This complimentary gift is HIRZL’s way of thanking its customers and commemorating the 2015 Masters Tournament.

To continue the momentum gained during the 2015 Masters Tournament, HIRZL is included as the presenting partner in the “Monday after the Masters” program by Teeoff.com. In addition to the sponsorship, a highly targeted email will be sent to the Teeoff.com community with a special promotional code that will provide a creative discount on any HIRZL purchase based on the ‘under par’ total at the Masters times two. This will be available on both www.HIRZL.com and www.Teeoff.com for 24-hours.

This unique e-mail will also direct people to a landing page where they can purchase tee times and link to the HIRZL page to use the code. Communications will continue through April with HIRZL sponsored banners at Teeoff.com and ongoing newsletters sent to their influential lists.

“We are very excited about the variety of programs and promotions HIRZL has designed to introduce the new Trust Control Golf Glove as well as kick-off this year’s golf season,” added Gray.

About EZLinks Golf, Inc.:

A pioneer in online reservations and tee time services, EZLinks was founded in 1995 and currently operates the world’s largest golf reservations network as well as the industry’s highest-volume tee time call center. The company provides tee sheet management software, 24/7 live customer support, custom online booking technology, golf course web development and integrated point-of-sale, email marketing and social media tools for the golf industry. EZLinks also operates TeeOff.com (www.teeoff.com), an ecommerce site connecting golfers with tee times and exclusive deals at more than 1,400 golf courses worldwide. Discover more at www.ezlinksgolf.com.

About HIRZL:

HIRZL, headquartered in Switzerland, with North American operations based in Granbury, TX, is a leading specialist for high performance sports gloves. HIRZL’s focus is solely on gloves with products specifically designed for golf and cycling, which is in contrast to many sports manufacturers with wide ranges of products spanning equipment, shoes and fashion. HIRZL’s gloves are designed with the latest scientific, technical and ergonomic mechanics data on how sports equipment is used on the hands. The company philosophy is based upon the firm belief that gloves are an essential part of the equipment for many types of sports. When gloves are used in sports, they become the only true link between the hands of the sportsperson and their equipment.

HIRZL Gloves Manufactured for the “Ultimate Glove Experience:”

HIRZL manufactures their high performance gloves with only the finest genuine leather, natural kangaroo or cabretta leather which has been additionally tanned with a propriety technology. The leather is individually stretched by hand and table cut, effectively ensuring the direction of stretch is controlled in each piece. For ventilation comfort a membrane directs the airflow and breathability characteristics to create a micro-environment for the skin to breathe more easily. The stretch fit feature provides a strategically based perfect fit and wearing comfort. All HIRZL gloves are constructed with a 45-degree “Pre-curved finger system” in consideration to the natural curvature of the hand and to avoid bunching effects and guarantee a perfect fit. For addition comfort, a sweat band made with terry towel absorbs sweat and water at the wrist area which also has a warming effect when temperatures are low.

HIRZL Tour Support:

HIRZL gloves deliver the “Ultimate Glove Experience” and golfers who teach or play professionally rely on the characteristics these high performance gloves produce including legendary teaching professional Dave Pelz. He endorses HIRZL and provides HIRZL gloves at The Dave Pelz Scoring Game Schools. Golfers who compete for distance on the Long Drive of America Tour have elevated HIRZL to the #1 Golf Glove in Long Drive. The company and its high performance gloves have won 10 RE/MAX World Championships in the past three years and in seven divisions.

The HIRZL Professional Staff list is as follows: Bobby Peterson, Bobby Wilson, Chris Ahman, Dan Awe, David Brinker, Dustin Merrill, Eric Lunt, Graden Kirksey, Heather LeMaster, James East, Jeff Crittenden, Jeffrey Z. Williams, Kyle Blakely, Liebelei E. Lawrence, Line Vedel, Lynn Ray, Natalie Sheary, Rob Tiettmayer, Sandra Carlbora, Tim Burke, and Tom Garber.

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