Heaven The Golf Shoe

heaven golf shoeThere are many golf shoes, but none are like Heaven. Heaven not only looks different. Heaven is different. This shoe functions as a complete system and is revolutionary in golf. Heaven is the only system that focuses on what is decisive in golf – stance and balance.

Heaven golf shoes are setting new standards for innovation, technology and performance. Heaven, with its unique Dynamic Balance technology gives golfers the opportunity to activate their own muscle-system and with the shoe’s patented sole construction you will remain well balanced and at the same time centered.

Many important details of Heaven’s golf shoe are not visible to the eye, but when playing you will soon notice the difference. It is a strange sensation at first. As you step forward, the spring like sole seems to give you a boost with every step. It’s like walking on springs and it does take a little getting used to, but once you do, you won’t want to go back to any other shoe. The shoes help you to straighten up and stand taller and find your natural balance point.

It is really hard to explain, it is one of those things that you’ve got to try it to believe it.

Heaven Golf Shoe founder Hermann Oberschneider’s aim was clear from the beginning: He wanted to develop a golf shoe that gives the golfer instant feedback on balance and an optimum basis for his golf swing. The idea sounds simple but for the shoe and golf experts on the Heaven team it was an enormous challenge.

What Oberschneider hoped to do was to take some of the athleticism and balance required for downhill skiing and bring it to golf. “All of the focus in golf footwear has been on comfort, stylish or waterproof shoes,” he said. Oberschneider soon realized that they would not be able to proceed with conventional means and methods. They had to abandon everything that had been state-of-the-art in the golf shoe and start with fresh new ideas. The farther they distanced themselves from traditional shoe models, the clearer Heaven’s vision got. Step-by-step the world-wide unique Dynamic Balance Technology and Heaven’s unmistakable sole construction was developed.

The Heaven Golf Shoe promotes a more fluid and natural walking motion that’s good for the rest of your body. After playing a round in Heaven’s when you put your other shoes back on you will feel like you are off balance and it is more of an effort to walk. You will miss the comfort and the bounce will be gone from your step.

This shoe is truly remarkable; you’ve got to try them to understand what I’m talking about. The suggested retail price is $299 which is higher than most shoes but if you’ve got any kind of foot problem (including plantar fasciitis) the difference these shoes will make is worth every penny and then some.

Currently they are only available at heaveningolf.com.

Benefits of Heaven Golf Shoes

heaven golf shoeStance

The Dynamic Balance Technology developed by Heaven enables the player to activate his/her muscles and focus on achieving a balanced centered position. And besides that Heaven will raise you one level up. In damp or long grass and in the bunker, Heaven will simply lift you over dirt and moisture.


Heaven enables the player to use his/her muscle system through out the various phases of the swing. Thus allowing the player to focus on both posture and individual movements.


Heaven can not only help restore your personal balance physically, but can also help to center you mentally. That focus aids your concentration, and your strokes can become more exact. With Heaven you can find your optimal balance point.


Light-footed, relaxed and dynamic: You will notice a golf player wearing Heaven from a distance. With its unique, ergonomic sole construction Heaven provides superb support, making walking a pleasure.

Heaven – absolutely exceptional

With Heaven‘s revolutionary optical appearance and innovative design you will be an eye-catcher and definitely cause a stir on the golf course. Because Heaven with its sophisticated and innovated design won the popular „red dot award: product design 2013“.

More style and comfort provided by Heaven – better balance, better posture and better swing provided by you.


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