Greens Towel, best golf gift under $5.00

greens towelBuying holiday gifts for golfers can be a difficult task. Golf clubs are expensive and should be custom fit by a professional. Apparel styles tend to be hit or miss and there is the risk of getting the wrong size. Golf balls are a personal preference, and golf tees just seem like they are not enough. The Greens Towel is a perfect holiday gift because golfers can always use a new microfiber golf towel. Available in nine fashionable colors, shoppers can buy Greens towels in singles or in 3-packs. Every golfer that gets a Greens Towel in their stocking will be happy this holiday season and it will go right on their bag.

The Greens Towel is the best $5 golf towel on the market. Cotton golf towels tend to smear dirt and grass. Microfiber Greens Towels quickly remove dirt and grass, cleaning clubs and golf balls faster. Made from super-absorbent microfiber that holds up to seven times its weight in water, Greens Towel removes dirt like a magnet, keeping grooves clean. Players will never miss a shot because of dirty golf equipment when they keep a Greens Towel handy during their round.

“We understand that many golfers don’t want an expensive logo towel or a souvenir, and that is why our product has been so popular,” explains Mark Ziminsky, CEO of Clip Wipes (makers of the Greens Towel). “Greens Towels has found a nice niche as a practical holiday gift for every golfer. Greens Towel is the best selling golf towel under $5.00 because it cleans fast, clips easy, and costs less.”

Perfectly sized with the player in mind, Greens Towels is 15 inches by 15 inches and gives ample space to clean your clubs without dragging on the ground. The strategic sizing also stays handy in your back pocket so it’s there when you need it.

Greens Towel comes with a convenient carabiner clip to quickly attach to your golf bag and is currently available in a variety of options. Colors include: Jet Black, Navy Blue, Pine Forest, Awareness Pink, Cardinal Red, Royal Blue, Shamrock Green, Sterling Silver, Orange Crush, and Pure White. A single towel retails at $4.99 plus shipping and handling; a 3-pack comes in under $15.00 with free shipping. Larger packages are available for tournament gifts and corporate outings.

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About Greens Towel: Greens Towel, located in Fallbrook, California, has been fulfilling an important niche in the golf towel market since 2009. Available in over 2,500 stores nationwide and online, Greens Towels is a privately held company providing affordable products to keep golf equipment in peak playing condition.

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