Grandura Golf Announces Promotion with The Hackers Paradise


Grandura™ Golf, makers of Grandura Golf Shafts powered by BST Nano Carbon®, has launched a promotion with The Hackers Paradise (THP) to test the new Grandura Golf Shafts.

hackers paradiseGrandura Golf Shafts and The Hackers Paradise have a special association which will enable 10 active forum members of The Hackers Paradise to have the unique opportunity to be the first consumers to test the shafts and offer the information for Grandura Golf. The 10 people will be fit for the appropriate Grandura shaft and be sent a shaft to test in their driver. Testing is open to all active forum members on THP and testers will be chosen from a list of people who sign up on the THP forum.

“I am pleased we were chosen to present the exclusive preview of Grandura Golf Shafts,” said Josh Babbitt, Marketing Director, The Hackers Paradise. “At THP, we believe that testing should be done not only by us, but also by our members. THP members are the backbone of our organization and I am thrilled that 10 of them will be the first to test a new and DIFFERENT shaft.”

“THP is excellent in sharing information with golfers and concentrates on the avid, most knowledgeable of them,” said Tim Gillis, Business Development Manager, Grandura Golf. “We look forward to receiving the feedback from the testers and will use this information to develop additional designs in the future.”

Grandura Golf Shafts are proudly made in the U.S.A. at the company’s 65,000 square-foot facility in San Diego, California, allowing for complete control over the design and manufacturing process and for quick turn-around for tour-specific shaft requests. The shafts benefit from BST Nano Carbon’s unique understanding of carbon fiber and nano materials, inspiring the brand’s tagline, FINALLY, SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

Grandura Golf Shafts are offered in five design models geared towards launch and spin. The series is color coded, Green is low launch low spin, Red is mid launch with three spin options and Blue is higher launch with mid spin.

Recently, THP featured a preview of Grandura Golf. Six short videos were shot by THP TV, each featuring more information on both the new line of shafts and the people behind this high end brand. To view the most recent videos and to learn how to become an active THP forum member, visit

Learn more at, follow us on Twitter at @GranduraGolf, or like us on Facebook at Grandura Golf.

About The Hackers Paradise

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About Grandura Golf

Grandura Golf, a division of BST Nano Carbon, is located in San Diego, California. The company manufactures a line of Grandura Golf Shafts that feature a heritage unlike any other shafts in golf. The people at the company have over 170 golf industry patents and more than 220 years of combined experience in the golf industry. These factors have contributed to the finest composite golf shafts ever made.

BST Nano Carbon is the recognized leader in the advanced resins, polymers and carbon fiber industry, and has evolved to focus on nano carbon composites for use in the latest era in advanced design and manufacturing opportunities, including expertise in carbon nanotubes and graphene. The company’s founders have a history of producing high performance carbon fiber products for a variety of applications (including Golf, Sporting Goods, Aerospace, Automotive and Commercial Vehicles). BST Nano Carbon is headquartered in San Diego, California with east coast operations located in the Boston, MA area.

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