GolfBuddy Dominates Competition

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GolfBuddy Dominates Competition, Now Offers Full Line of Distance Measuring Devices

GolfBuddy, the leader in the golf GPS industry, is now the first company to offer products in all golf course distance measuring device categories. With the 2015 release of its first laser rangefinders, the LR5 and LR5S, GolfBuddy now has a fully comprehensive lineup of golf distance measuring devices. The LR5 complements GolfBuddy’s existing offerings of wearable, handheld, and voice GPS devices, all of which are designed to enhance a golfer’s course awareness and distance recognition.

“Over the course of twelve years, we have established ourselves as innovators, constantly seeking to surpass our customers’ expectations for accuracy and simplicity,” said Harry Jung, president of GolfBuddy, “Since 2003, we have been continually working to provide our customers with the widest variety of products and the most cutting-edge technology. We are very pleased to announce this major milestone with our latest product offerings.”

GolfBuddy’s first product launch, the GolfBuddy Plus, led the golf GPS category with its 1,000 course storage capability, dynamic green view technology, and target customization technology. In only one decade, GolfBuddy has greatly expanded its technological capabilities to maintain its position as an industry trailblazer, citing a subscription-free course recognition program with over 37,000 courses around the world automatically programmed into most GolfBuddy products.

The GolfBuddy Voice unit was a historically prominent introduction for GolfBuddy, being the first GPS unit that used a voice with an LCD screen to display distance information. Launched in May 2012, the groundbreaking device weighed just one ounce, measured 1.7″ wide, and spoke accurate distances to the front, middle and back of the green using GolfBuddy’s course recognition technology. Several improvements have been made over time to this unit with the launch of the Voice+ and the current model, the VS4.

GolfBuddy’s latest product launch of its first laser rangefinders granted the company’s entrance into all distance measuring device categories. This lightweight laser rangefinder is already receiving a large amount of positive reviews, namely for its ability to scan a golf course in just one click of a button.

Today, GolfBuddy has emerged as an international pioneer in the golf device industry offering a broad range of fashionable and functional devices. Each device incorporates breakthrough technology as well as key user-friendly features such as ease of use, battery life, comfort, style, and durability. Boasting a selection of popular devices such as the WT5 watch, the PT4 handheld device, the VS4 and the Voice among others, GolfBuddy has developed a product to fit any golfer’s wants and needs.

GolfBuddy is based in La Palma, CA, with product development and course data management centers in South Korea, one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-quality electronic products.

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