Golf Logbook and Golf Guide

golf guideDo you remember your best round, who you played with, where you played and what you shot? Keeping track of all this is now easy with the new Expert Golf “Golf Guide & Logbook” app by Yves Ton-That (author of Golf Rules Made Easy’s Golf Etiquette Guide).

There are 2 key features in this new app:

  • The “Logbook” allows users to document the rounds they have played. Instead of collecting logo’d balls or other club souvenirs, users always have their personal logbook with them on their iPhone. In addition, users can also rate courses they’ve played and thanks to the pool of ratings they know which courses are worth playing.
  • The “Golf Guide” contains every golf course in the world and gives users all the information they need (such as contact data, route planner, ratings and much, much more). Users can therefore plan their rounds and make tee time bookings quickly and easily. The guide is maintained and extended on a daily basis.

This unique golf app has been translated into more than ten different languages, so every golfer around the globe can use the Expert Golf “Golf Guide & Logbook” app. You can now download the App via the iTunes App Store for free.

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