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Back Pain Can Ruin a Round of Golf

Simple Stretch for the Lower Back Region Before and After a Round of Golf

Dr. Jenni Martin MS DC LPGA Class A teacher and club professional, has been in the medical, fitness and health profession for over 30 years. She grew up next door to Mark O’Meara and the Mission Viejo Golf Course. Her interest in golfers began years ago while helping Natalie Gulbis. Jenni Martin is now introducing a series of online fitness exercise clinics.

Back pain can ruin a round of golf

This simple stretch will help loosen the lower back region before and after a round of golf.

Lie on your back. Begin by pulling your knees to your chest and rock slowly back and forth. Now drop your feet to the floor and arms outreached. Slowly drop your knees to the right and then the left. Feel the stretch throughout your lower back while trying to keep your shoulders on the floor.

“Lower back pain is frequently noted as a road block for furthering a golfer’s skill and progress in golf. Often, simple stretches and an understanding of the mechanics and origin of the pain can eliminate this issue”, says Dr. Jenni Martin. golf gaper

Dr. Martin has developed a mobile analysis unit that is traveling to private golf clubs and providing state of the art 2-hour full golf fitness and swing analysis. Contact her direct to find a current location.

Having developed the Tennis Elbow Kit, SAW (swing achiever for woman), the Stick To It Stretching Program as well as having authored numerous health and injury articles, she is passionate about teaching and evaluating golfers via her Analysis Method and Golf Gapper Program. Jenni has advanced certification in Orthopedics, Sports and Recreational Injuries as well as K-vest, TPI medical professional and golf instructor. She has her master’s degree in Biomechanical injuries. Utilizing her knowledge in chiropractics, physical therapy, and her LPGA training she integrates this information with appropriate visual, kinesthetic and auditory state of the art tools.

Martin’s passion is to help golfers, young and old, new and seasoned, high and low handicaps, fit and perhaps… not so fit. Understanding an individual’s goals, physical needs, limitations, body, and swing, Jenni Martin believes, is the only way to make permanent, goal-oriented, and effective swing changes and improvements. Martin’s method is fun, entertaining and informative.

The Golf Gapper is a comprehensive golf swing and body positioning analysis system. The use of State of the Art evaluation equipment provides a customized and easy to understand way to empower your golf game. Golf Gapper methods will immediately improve consistency, distance and overall swing as well as create body awareness within the physical abilities and goals of the golfer.

About Jenni Martin

Jenni Martin MS DC LPGA Class A teaching profession. After 30 years in the medical profession, working as an expert witness and 7 years in the LPGA, Jenni has determined that teaching golf is a science that involves motor learning. A student can try and make a meaningful change in their swing, but if their body cannot do what they believe it should be doing, no lasting improvement is seen. Her Master’s degree is in biomechanical trauma and she has advanced training in chiropractic orthopedics, along with advanced training in TPI, K vest, and as a personal trainer, her credentials speak for themselves.

Her teaching history includes students from + 2 golfers to stroke patients, to those who have never touched a club. All with the basic philosophy that the body and mind must meet to improve or learn golf. Offering a few well planned drills and exercises, Dr. Martin is able to distill the plethora of “tips, ideas, and lessons” into a digestible well thought out, plan for improvement.

Using her LPGA teaching background, TPI, orthopedic knowledge, she creates a simple, doable plan that works.

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