Golf Etiquette Quick Reference

golf rulesWhen I play golf we often are confronted with others that do not adhere to proper consideration of the rules of golf or common courtesy to their fellow participants. Some never learn and others seem to ignore what is proper and correct And there it begins. One person’s rudeness or lack of good manners on the golf course creates ill will and tension.The game is trouble enough without having disagreements or constantly dealing with misbehaving golfers.

I recently received a pocketsize handbook that explains everything you need to know about good conduct in simple and concise terms while still adhering to the undiscernible Rules of Golf. The Golf Etiquette Quick Reference by Yves C.Thon-That, a 4 handicap rules official with a law degree that has written books on golf that have been translated into 20 different languages.

The Quick Reference is the perfect golfer’s guide to correct conduct. I know plenty of players who do not understand the proper etiquette of playing the game. A quick read, with easy opening tabs to every part of the game, this little book clears the air on many little known ways to behave in different areas of the course. It will enlighten the misbehaved and remind those of us who still have a tendency to ignore certain considerations.

No cell phones, or if really needed, on silent mode. I played the game before there were portables phones and still got my business done. Ash trays for cigarettes or none at all. Cigarette butts are trash and should be disposed of just like a beverage container, not left on the course.

I am sure you know someone who could use the Golf Etiquette Golf Reference as a gift for the Holidays or as a hint to read from front to back. Go to to order your golf friend’s most important book.

The Duffer

The Duffer is an unusual writer who has played many places and shots few golfers have ever experienced. His age old incite into the intracacies of golf courses gives him a unique knowledge of the game many can't visualize. The Duffer plays golf to enjoy life with friends and the beauty of his surroundings.

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