Go Play Golf Reaches New Demographics With Go Play Golf Gift Cards

go play golf

Go Play Golf, Inc., providers of the industry’s first and only national golf gift card, announces it is reaching new demographics in the golf industry with its Go Play Golf Gift Cards™.

“Our purchasing information has shown that 70% of the people who buy our Go Play Golf Gift Cards are non-golfing females between the ages of 25 and 54 and given to men who play golf,” said Loralei Abels, Founder, Go Play Golf, Inc. “This opens up a new market and puts us in a unique position to increase incremental spending in the golf industry, while also driving new business to golf courses.”

The Go Play Golf Gift Card program provides a real mechanism to create demand at the golf course level for pre-paid greens fees and instruction. To date, Go Play Golf has driven business to more than 2600 golf courses nationwide.

“We have created a great opportunity to influence non-golfers and reach a market segment that traditional golf courses will never reach,” continued Abels. “To ensure maximum exposure, we have positioned the Go Play Golf Gift Cards for sale at popular retail outlets where non-golfers shop on a daily basis.”

Go Play Golf has leveraged the more than $100 billion gift card industry to create the most robust golf redemption program in the country. The gift cards, available in increments of $25-$500, are available for purchase at Walmart, Amazon, Office Depot, high-end grocery stores, and thousands of other retailers. The Go Play Golf gift cards can be redeemed by golfers to purchase greens fees and golf lessons throughout the United States.

“We started this company because we saw a real need for growth in the industry. By targeting non-golfers, we are able to provide a solution for this need while also creating a new and much appreciated way to give the gift of golf,” added Abels.

“Golfers receive lots of things for holidays, birthdays, etc. But one thing that golfers always need that is rare to receive as a gift, is money to go play golf! What good are all the balls, clubs, bags, etc, if you don’t have any money to use that stuff on the course? This takes care of that. I love receiving these cards as gifts, and I’m sure the golfer in your life will too.” ~ Steven S., Amazon.com review.

About Go Play Golf, Inc.

Founded in 2009, Go Play Golf, Inc. was launched to market the Go Play Golf Gift Card™. The cards, available in increments of $25-$500 at thousands of retail outlets nationwide, are redeemable for golf throughout the country. The company is led by experienced golf industry specialists with the goal of driving more golfers to golf courses by providing pre- paid greens fees to a wider audience than ever before. For more information, visit www.goplaygolf.com.

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