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GAME GOLF Reveals Compelling User Data and Statistics from 2014

Leading the way in wearable shot tracking and data analysis for the golf industry, GAME GOLF data from more than 170,000 rounds reinforces player’s need to “Be Right”

GAME GOLF, the first wearable device that automatically tracks and graphically displays a golfer’s round and valuable statistics, revealed today a variety of data and statistics collected from its user platform. Data based from more than 170,000 rounds of golf posted in 2014.

The data collected unveiled for the first-time true insight into the avid golfer’s game including make of clubs used, player’s club distances, greens in regulation, fairways hit, putts per hole, scrambling, sand saves and tee and approach shot accuracy.  The data reinforces GAME GOLF’s commitment to provide golfers with valuable statistics that can be applied to improve their game. For example, golfers can learn their true club distances and “be right” when selecting their clubs.

“Golfers love data and are truly obsessed with understanding their tendencies and how they approach the game,” said John McGuire, CEO, GAME GOLF. “Up until last year, data capture has been solely available to professionals through resources such as ShotLink. GAME GOLF provides the same data in a visually compelling way and affords golfers the ability to better understand the distance they actually hit their clubs, allowing for better club selection during rounds and ultimately fewer strokes.”

The GAME GOLF platform allows users to organize data through a variety of filters. For example, GAME GOLF can look at the GIR of men over the age 35 living on the East Coast with an average score between 85-90. Or, conversely, GAME GOLF can take the averages of the entire GAME GOLF platform. Here is a top-level look at general data and statistics broken down by average score:

Average scores between 75-80:

  • Average drive distance: 235 yards
  • Percentage of drives in the fairway: 51 percent
  • Percentage of greens in regulation: 52 percent

 Average scores between 90-95:

  • Average drive distance: 196 yards
  • Percentage of drives in the fairway: 43 percent
  • Percentage of greens in regulation: 23 percent

Besides fellow golfers, GAME GOLF platform users can compare their stats to the current three GAME GOLF PGA Tour ambassadors including 2010 U.S. Open Champion Graeme McDowell, 2003 U.S. Open Champion Jim Furyk, and two-time Ryder Cup winner Lee Westwood. For example, and based on McDowell’s rounds uploaded on the platform, his average driver distance is 270 yards, hitting the fairway 77 percent of the time and getting to the green in regulation 72% of the time.

 “Whereas avid golfers don’t expect to match up against the GAME GOLF ambassadors, the data they obtain provides invaluable insight to improve their game,” said McGuire.  “Recognizing over time some of their shortfalls, golfers can spend more time with a PGA professional or on their own trying to refine a particular aspect of their game – whether it be off the tee, approach shots or from the sand.”

After officially launching at the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show, GAME GOLF has since mapped more than 36,000 courses worldwide, been used in 96 countries at 17,000 different courses, and is averaging 4,000-5,000 rounds uploaded per week.  Devoted to growing the game of golf, GAME GOLF reaches a broad range of golfers, including thousands of millennials who share their rounds via GAME GOLF’s integrated social media platform. GAME GOLF is permitted under the Rules of Golf and is approved by the USGA and R&A to be used during tournament play.

GAME GOLF, available for both Android and iOS mobile devices, is dedicated to bringing innovative ways that connect golfers to their game, PGA Professionals and their friends through wearable technology. The small, lightweight device is worn on the player’s waist and individual, feather-light sensor tags attach to the top of the grip on each club. Weatherproof and temper-proof, the durable club sensors pair easily with the waist-worn device with a simple tap and GAME GOLF automatically records the course, location on the hole, club used, club distance, and accuracy without the need to carrying smartphones in your pockets.

Constantly refining the platform, GAME GOLF announced several new features in 2014 based on user feedback.  Among the most popular include:

Tee Shot and Approach Shot Dispersion

  • Club Performance
  • GAME Benchmarks
  • Challenges
  • Round Privacy
  • Smart Shot Detection

GAME GOLF is currently available for $199 and can be found in most fine golf shops and golf specialty stores. It is also available online at,, and other online golf sites. GAME GOLF is also available at Apple retail and online stores in Canada, Europe, and the Middle-East, and specialty retailers throughout Europe.


The development company behind GAME GOLF is Active Mind Technology, a privately held company that is pioneering the gamification of sport through its development of the GAME platform.

GAME GOLF has strategic partnerships with Golf Channel, The PGA of America and British PGA and is the only technology product ruled as “Permitted under The Rules of Golf” by the USGA and the R&A and is allowed for competition. PGA Tour professionals working with GAME GOLF to develop the product are 2010 U.S. Open champion Graeme McDowell, 2003 U.S. Open champion Jim Furyk, and 9-time Ryder Cup team selection, Lee Westwood.

GAME GOLF is in use in 96 countries with over 36,000 worldwide golf courses mapped.  For information, visit

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