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Fujikura Closes the FedEx Cup Series Ranked as the #1 Graphite Wood and #1 Graphite Hybrid Shaft

fujikuraFujikura held the #1 shaft ranking for most of the PGA Season but when the PGA Professionals were fighting for the end of the season points – Fujikura and their PGA enthusiasts prevailed at the top of the field.

Fujikura Golf, the #1 Wood Shaft and #1 Hybrid Shaft used on the PGA Tour and most recently during the FedEx Cup, wrapped up another successful PGA Tour season with an impressive #1 ranking during the most enduring part of the season – the race for the FedEx Cup.

“What a way to end the season! To be the #1 graphite wood shaft and #1 graphite hybrid shaft for the entire FedEx series is a remarkable accomplishment. We are thrilled and truly honored to be the #1 shaft brand used by the world’s best golfers,” said Fujikura Marketing Manager Stephanie Hartgraves. “We at Fujikura understand the importance of tour success and how it helps drive business as a whole. Our engineering and R & D team is second to none and continues to advance the performance of our products year after year. And, our tour representative Pat McCoy is simply the best in the business and is absolutely a contributor to making this season an overwhelming success.”

The end of the season PGA Tour Graphite Shaft Count at the PGA Championship includes impressive numbers that exemplifies how Fujikura and its presence on the PGA Tour are demonstratively greater than its competitors. Within the graphite woods category at the PGA Championship, Fujikura owns the majority of woods used by 32.9% of the field.

Fujikura’s engineering has elevated their graphite hybrid shafts popularity on the PGA Tour to new levels. They were the predominate leader with 41.7% of PGA Tour Professional usage at the PGA Championship. The company also gathered three Top-5 finishes and four Top-10 finishes. These stats have been confirmed by golf equipment tracking source, the Darrell Survey.

The Fujikura Shafts played during the FedEx Cup and at the PGA Tour Championship include a wide variety of models and specifications but the one constant factor and is that ALL of the shafts were developed with “enso® technology.”

About enso® Technology:

enso® is an advanced, proprietary technology that measures actionable, pre-impact club data to facilitate the design of the most accurate and powerful golf shafts for all golfers. It was developed in 2009 with then partner Viacom Motion Capture Systems as a state-of-the-art, high-speed, 3D motion capture measurement system which measures the club (head, shaft, handle) at sub-millimeter accuracy prior to impact. Fujikura has gathered years of data measuring different swings from all types of golfers and now is using this intelligence to deliver the head to ball ratios FASTER and more efficient than ever before. Fujikura is the only shaft company with this innovative technology.

About Fujikura Golf:

Fujikura is known for designing and producing the world’s best performance golf shafts which is credited to their engineering team, enso® technology and the professional tour support the company receives from the PGA, Web.com, LPGA and Champions Tour. These critical components have contributed greatly to Fujikura garnering the #1 Driver Shaft, #1 Wood Shaft, #1 Hybrid Shaft used on the professional tours.
The company is also distinguished as a primary supplier to many national golf club brands offering both proprietary and brand product shaft designs. Fujikura products also can be custom fit through its network of over 900 Charter Dealers worldwide. Custom fit shafts are used by 100% of Tour professionals but Amateur and everyday golfers can take advantage of this same opportunity to fit their unique swing profile. In fact, 99% of ALL golfers fit with Fujikura Shafts instantly gain an average of 13.5 yards.

To learn more about Fujikura, visit www.fujikuragolf.com

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