Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can you offer golf at these prices? has made exclusive agreements with selected courses to offer a limited number of rounds of golf each month at the price advertised on the web site.

  • How much does it cost to use your service?

    There are NO MEMBERSHIP or SERVICE FEES. Your Total Cost is the cost advertised on our web site plus state sales tax.

  • If I live out of state, why do I have to pay sales tax?

    Most goods sent out of state do not require state or local sales tax to be added, but since your final use of the golf certificate will be in the state, state sales tax must be collected

  • Who can buy a golf certificate?, Inc. does not discriminate in any way, but we do reserve the right to refuse to sell a certificate to anyone we feel has been abusing any of the policies set forth here, or any of the policies of the participating golf courses. This means we can refuse to sell anyone a certificate for any reason.

  • How mamy certificates can I buy at one time?

    There is no limit on the number of courses you can purchase, however, you are limited to ONLY purchasing two certificates (equal to a foursome) for a course in a single transaction. So, for example you may buy as many foursomes as you want but only 1 foursome per course will be allowed.

  • What do I get when I buy a golf certificate from

    You will receive a certificate (emailed to you) that is good for two rounds of golf at the selected course. You may purchase up to four (4) certificates at each course (providing we have sufficient inventory). Think of it like a gift certificate.

  • How do I use the certificate?

    Call the course and make a tee time. Show up for your scheduled tee time and present the certificate. There will be NO other charges at the course for your golf. The cart fee is included. Unless otherwise stated, a maximum of eight (8) golfers can use certificates at one time at the golf course. Note: Occasionally at some courses you will be asked to secure your tee time with a credit card. Your credit card will not be charged unless you fail to show for your tee time without adhering to the courses cancellation policy.

  • Who can use the certificate?

    All certificates can be transferred and used by anyone.

  • How much time do I have to use the certificate?

    Certificates are good for either (30) thirty or (60) days. Each special offer has the expiration period listed in the offer.

  • What are the restricitons for use?

    At MOST courses the certificates are valid for use anytime Monday through Friday and after 11:00AM on Weekends and Holidays. Unless otherwise noted in the restrictions, when redeeming a certificate the entire twosome MUST be used all at one time. These rounds must be used up as twosomes. For example if you have two (2) twosomes you may play as a twosome twice or as a foursome once. Unless otherwise stated, a maximum of eight (8) golfers can use certificates at one time at the golf course. See Restrictions listed for each course to determine the actual restrictions for that course.

  • If I don't use the certificate before it expires, can I get a refund or extend the certificate?

    No, due to the limited quantity of discounts available each month there are NO REFUNDS. Think of it like buying a ticket to a Football Game, if you don’t go to the game, you don’t get a refund and your ticket is not good for net week’s game.

  • Who makes the tee time?

    You do. It is your responsibility to make your own Tee Time. When calling to schedule a Tee Time, please identify yourself as a customer.

  • How long does it take to get the certificate emailed to me?

    All certificates are delivered by eMail, so you will receive your certificate(s) the same day as you order it, usually in an hour or less. If you haven’t received your certificates, please check your Junk mail folder, then if you still can’t find them, contact us and we can send them to you again.

  • How many certificates are available each month?

    The actual number of certificates vary by course and time of year. During the peak season, inventory is very limited. During the slow times of the year inventory is more plentiful. In all cases, however, it is a first come first serve basis and once we are Sold Out for a particular course we are SOLD OUT, we don’t hold back anything. We can’t sell you what we don’t have.

  • When is the inventory updated?

    Inventory is updated on the 1st day of the month at 9:30AM (Eastern Time). If the 1st falls on a Sunday then inventory is updated at 1:30PM on the 1st.