EXOTICS CB PRO U Hybrid Features Waves of Speed

Tour Edge, headquartered in Illinois, recently introduced a new EXOTICS CB PRO U Hybrid. It is a real ‘Game Changer’, created with the infamous Slip Stream sole, that its fairway wood brother has seen success with. The U Hybrid is a mini version of the wood designed for speed and powerful performance,

“After the success of the CB PRO Fairway Wood, I was asked countless times if I was going to put the waves on another club,” said President & Founder of Tour Edge, David Glod. “Working with a more compact, hybrid club head took many hours in research and development to engineer, but I’m confident the U Hybrid was worth the wait. It is already gaining traction on the PGA Tour and we are excited about what is to come.”

The new patented ‘Slip Stream’ sole is redesigned for even faster speed by minimizing turf contact regardless of the attack angle and position of the head at impact. The reduced wave length on the sole, compared to the fairway wood, allowed engineers to design new heel and toe cavities. The new cutouts in the U Hybrid promote even less turf interaction and greater playability from all turf conditions.

In addition to the U Hybrid’s unique sole design, the setup at address has been modified for a more Tour preferred look .Compared to the previous E8 Hybrids, the U’s leading edge is closer to the shaft for increased workability. The CB PRO family of products include fairway woods, driving irons & irons, a wedge series and now a hybrid.

The CB PRO U Hybrid features a Carpenter 475 forged cup face combo brazed to a hyper-steel body. Exotic’s tradition of combo brazing the cupped face with ahyper steel body means that every single gram of excess weight is eliminated from the face and shifted to the sole for a lower center of gravity position in the compact head.

The unsurpassed technology found in the CB PRO U is being combined with one of the hottest shafts available: The Second Generation Kuro Kage Slver Series features the High Density Prepeg: with up to 15% more carbon fiber, creating more consistent performance, increased stability and better feel. It comes with soft luxurious head cover, available right hand only 17,19 and 21 degrees, with an iomic grip and lifetime warranty. It is supposed to be in stores By June 2015 and SMRP -$249.99.For more information visit www.TourEdge.com.

Dave Daubert

Lehigh University graduate, Procter & Gamble retired. Previously a Managing Editor and Feature Writer for a regional golf monthly magazine for 11 years. Married to wife Carol and residing in Solivita, an active adult community in Central Florida

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