Epson M-Tracer Review



The Epson M-Tracer is a lightweight club-mounted golf swing analyzer that accurately captures the details of your swing and provides instant access to your swing data via a mobile app. Now you can make adjustments to your swing and analyze your performance without leaving the driving range. With access to this data, you have the tools you need to make improvements and establish a consistent, repeatable swing.

The M-Tracer will store up to 200 swings and the swing data can be viewed via Bluetooth on iPhone or Android devices, both mobile devices and tablets. The data is displayed in a 3D model that can be rotated with zoom capabilities, different view angles and view aids that assist in visualizing where the sweet spot for your swing should be. The Epson M-Tracer also sets the backswing and downswing in contrasting colors which makes it just a bit easier to quickly identify a hitch or another quirk in your swing.

Key Features

  • m-tracerObtain Highly Accurate Swing Data – Features Epson’s core sensing technology, designed for highly accurate golf swing analysis. M-Tracer records data at 1000 samples per second, ensuring accuracy to one-tenth of a degree. The device automatically calibrates with each swing.
  • Get Instant Results – Review your swing data immediately after each swing you take. You can review key swing metrics such as club head speed, attack angle, face angle and club path through the mobile app. Provides a 360-degree, 3D view of your swing path; captures clubhead speed, attack angle, face angle, club path, and more
  • Review Your Swing from any Angle – The mobile app provides a 360-degree, 3D view of your swing path, allowing you to analyze the details of your swing from any angle. Manually control the playback of your swing within the app.
  • Keep Track of Critical Checkpoints – Apply the V-zone view to analyze the details of your backswing, downswing and follow-through.
  • Capture Speed and Distance Data – Track your club head speed, grip speed, lag, maximum speed and estimated carry.
  • View Swing Comparison Data – Compare your swings against your baseline or choose a swing from our library of pros.
  • Compare Swing Tempo – Identify the variations in your backswing, top of swing and downswing against your baseline tempo and rhythm.
  • Portable & Easy-to-use – Lightweight and compact; securely fastens to the grip of most clubs  and won’t affect your swing

What Does All of this Mean to You?

Practice can now become improvement. No more just hitting a bucket of balls and hoping you are doing things to get better. You can now you can get instant feedback and make adjustments to your swing and analyze your performance all while on the driving rage. With access to this data, you have the tools you need to make improvements and establish a consistent, repeatable swing.

David Leadbetter says it best:  Epson M-Tracer empowers golfers to improve their swing in an easy and intuitive manner, ultimately resulting in lower scores and more fun.  Over the years I have learned that when David Leadbetter speaks, I should listen.

The M-Tracer In Use


I was fortunate enough to get to try the M-Tracer and I really liked it. It was very easy to attach and remove from my club. When properly attached it says in place, but as an added precaution the M-Tracer also comes with a small loop that loops around your club to insure the M-Tracer doesn’t fly off your club. I can only image that in early development and testing some M-Tracers must have been flying off of shafts but the loop prevents this from happening.

Capturing swings was simple. Turn the device on, pair via Bluetooth to my iPad, tap the measure button, tap the setup button to select a club, then tap the start button, address the ball and wait about two seconds for the status light to turn on, then swing the club. You can capture repeated swings but just re-addressing the ball. This may all sound complicated but in the big picture it could be one of the best things for your swing – it will actually force you to slow down and stay focused. After you have captured all of your swings you press the Stop button to switch to analysis mode to see your results.

Some of the results may be a little overwhelming or even intimidating. If you can’t interpret all of the graphics and data you can always take your iPad to your local Golf Pro and get after the swing analysis. Then when you use the M-Tracer next timeit will make more sense to you and your golf swing should start improving.

The M-Tracer is not nor is it intended to be a miracle swing fixer, it is an excellent swing analysis tool that can help you visually see what you are doing in your swing. If you use the visual data as intended you can make major changes to your swing that will then help your game. But remember it still requires practice and improvements.


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