DST Golf Used by PGA and European Tour Winners


Warm-Up System Now Used by more than 160 Tour Professionals

DST Golf – developer and manufacturer of groundbreaking warm up clubs that benefit players of all skill levels – confirms the winners of both the Memorial Tournament and Nordea Masters count among the more than 160 PGA, LPGA and European Tour players who trust DST Golf’s Compressor line to help them prepare for tournament play.

Introduced worldwide earlier this year, the Compressor is designed with a scientifically-curved shaft to help golfers of all skill levels locate, train and perfect the Optimal Impact Position. Currently, 10 players ranked in the top 25 in the Official World Golf Rankings are converts to the clubs. Additionally, 63 European Tour players have recently added the Compressor to their practice regimen.

Comments from Tour superstars on the revolutionary warm-up clubs include:

  • “DST clubs help me so much that I have incorporated it into my every day practice.”
  • “The DST Compressor is the best training club I have ever used.”
  • “It teaches me exactly what I need to work on.”

“Tour players who practice with the Compressor develop their own perception of what it feels like to reach the optimal impact position, allowing them to seamlessly translate that feeling to their own clubs,” says DST Golf Founder and CEO Bertie Cordle. “DST Golf clubs are not specific to any one teaching philosophy- they are specific to the proper impact position. Based on the shot produced, Tour players will know instantly whether or not they sustained the line of compression and kept their arms swinging on plane through impact.

The game’s most prominent instructors now utilize DST clubs when working with Tour pupils and students at their academies. The clubs offer an incredibly effective way to teach the proper position and pivot through impact regardless of the user’s skill level. Golfers cannot “cheat” when using the Compressor, as the curved shaft is designed so that if it strays from the correct swing path, it will not produce a clean strike. Players who do not pivot correctly or keep their hands ahead of the line of tension through impact will immediately notice areas on which they can improve thanks to the instant feedback.

The curved shaft found in the Compressor is engineered to replicate the shape of a normal shaft in the optimal impact position. This unique design helps players learn how to control the club face through impact and compress the ball, which leads to improved consistency, control and accuracy. Additionally, the club’s “Hand Position Alignment Marker” ensures players replicate the optimal impact position at set-up, thus simplifying the swing and ingraining the muscle memory needed to consistently achieve this scientifically-proven ideal position.

Developed by a former European Challenge Tour player after years of researching the biomechanics of impact, the DST Compressor teaches the golfer two things: how to swing the club on plane and how to maintain tension in the shaft until after impact. These are the two critical aspects to achieve better ball striking, control, consistency and accuracy.

For more information and access to in-depth technology videos, please visit www.dstgolf.com.

About DST Golf

Based in Salisbury, England, DST Golf was founded by former European Challenge Tour player Bertie Cordle in 2013. Cordle taught at a number of top flight golf academies in the UK, Portugal and Germany and spent 3 years studying the biomechanics of ball striking, which culminated in the design and development of DST Golf’s patent pending technology. DST Golf clubs are recognized as an Approved Product by the PGAs of Europe.

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